AgMarketing Outlook Conference

July 17, 2014

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The following are the proceedings from the Spring AgMarketing Outlook Conference that was held July 17th, 2014, hosted by Ron Plain and David Reinbott. Topics consist of market conditions and price outlooks for agricultural commodities and livestock. The conference was followed by a question and answer session.

Market Reviews and Outlook Presentations, Summer 2014

    Ron Plain
    - Ag Econ, MU
    David Reinbott
    - MU Extension
    Presented by Ron Plain - Ag Econ, MU
    Informational Slides by
    Joe Horner - Ag Econ, MU
    Cattle Outlook (9.95 MB)
    Hog Outlook (11.63 MB)
    Corn Outlook (12.79 MB)
    Soybean Outlook (7.91 MB)
    Wheat Outlook (5.45 MB)
    Dairy Outlook (5.01 MB)

    Note: All audio files are in mp3 format and are downloadable. MP3 format makes for a smaller file size and quicker downloading. For a list of example mp3 players, click HERE.

Questions and Answers

Powerpoint Handouts

PDF Handouts

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