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Company Name: ADM
Location: Quincy, IL
SBM 47 FOB Quincy IL No Min $347.003/26/2015
Soy hulls, pelleted$140.003/26/2015

Company Name: ADM
Location: Decatur, IL
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB Decatur, IL$150.003/26/2015
SBM 48FOB Decatur, IL$350.003/26/2015

Company Name: ADM
Location: Des Moines, IA
SBM 47 All FOB Des Moines$347.003/26/2015
Soy hulls5 ton min. $130.003/26/2015
Soy hulls, pelleted$130.003/26/2015

Company Name: ADM
Location: Mexico, MO
SBM 48No Minimum $342.003/26/2015
Soy hullsFOB Mexico MO $130.003/26/2015

Company Name: ADM
Location: Lincoln, NE
HominyFOB Lincoln $100.003/26/2015
Wheat middsFOB Lincoln $135.003/26/2015
Wheat middsFOB Arkansas City KS $140-150$145.003/26/2015
Wheat midds, pelletedFOB Arkansas City KS $160.003/26/2015

Company Name: ADM Milling-Minneapolis
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Wheat middsAll quotes bulk $100-110$105.003/26/2015
Red DogNo Minimum $125.003/26/2015
Wheat midds, pelletedFOB Mpls, MN weekend load available$120.003/26/2015

Company Name: ADM Processing Deerfield
Location: Deerfield, MO
SBM 47 FOB Deerfield MO$342.003/26/2015
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB Deerfield MO $140.003/26/2015

Company Name: ADM-Northern Sun
Location: Enderlin, ND
Sunflower Meal 35%FOB Enderlin ND $205.003/26/2015
Sunflower Pellets 35%FOB Enderlin ND $210.003/26/2015
Canola Meal 36%FOB Enderlin ND Limited Availability$212.003/26/2015
Canola Pellets 38%FOB Enderlin ND Limited Availability$217.003/26/2015

Company Name: Ag Fibers, LLC
Location: Dothan, AL
Peanut hull/skin, pelletedFOB Dothan AL (8% prot min, 3% fat min guarantee)$85.003/26/2015
Peanut hull/skin mealFOB Dothan AL$50.003/26/2015
Peanut hull, groundFOB Dothan AL$37.003/26/2015

Company Name: Agri Trading
Location: Hutchinson, MN
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB St Joseph MO $120.003/26/2015
Corn gluten feed, pelletedCedar Rapids IA$130.003/26/2015
Whole Fuzzy CottonseedFOB Memphis$270.003/26/2015

Company Name: Agridyne, LLC
Location: Springfield, IL
Steep,CCDS,CornSyr,VegOilMixFOB Pekin IL$168.003/26/2015
Steep,CCDS,CornSyr,VegOilMixFOB Nebraska City NE$177.003/26/2015
Steep,CCDS,CornSyr,VegOilMixFOB Scott City KS (16% Protein 10% Fat (23 ton minimum) All Locations) $194.003/26/2015
Steep,CCDS,CornSyr,VegOilMixFOB Ft Worth TX $207.003/26/2015

Company Name: Agri-Fine Corporation
Location: Chicago, IL
Vegetable Oil 90% crude fatFOB Chicago IL$650.003/26/2015
Veg InterphaseFOB Chicago IL$40.003/26/2015

Company Name: All Star Trading
Location: Oak Brook, IL
Alfalfa pellets FOB NE 17% dehy $375.003/26/2015
Rice HullsFOB Southeast TX$20.003/26/2015

Company Name: Aventine Renewable Energy #1
Location: Pekin, IL
Distillers grain, driedFOB Pekin IL$215.003/26/2015
Corn gluten feed, wetFOB Pekin IL$60.003/26/2015
Corn OilFOB Pekin IL $.30 lb.$600.003/26/2015
Corn gluten feedFOB Pekin IL$90.003/26/2015
Corn gluten mealFOB Pekin IL$630.003/26/2015

Company Name: Aventine Renewable Energy #2
Location: Aurora, NE
Distillers grain, driedFOB Aurora NE$170.003/26/2015
Distillers Grain, WetFOB Aurora NE$60.003/26/2015
Corn OilFOB Aurora NE $.30 lb$600.003/26/2015

Company Name: Bartlett and Company
Location: Kansas City, MO
Distillers grain, driedFOB Malta Bend MO $190.003/19/2015
Distillers Grain, Modified Wet$90.003/19/2015

Company Name: Bunge North America 1
Location: Council Bluffs, IA
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB Council Bluffs IA $115.003/26/2015
SBM 48FOB Council Bluffs IA $330.403/26/2015

Company Name: Bunge North America 2
Location: Cairo, IL
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB Cairo IL$120.003/26/2015
SBM 47 FOB Cairo IL$369.503/26/2015

Company Name: Bunge North America 3
Location: Emporia, KS
SBM 48FOB Emporia KS$332.503/26/2015
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB Emporia KS $120.003/26/2015

Company Name: Butler Milling, LLC
Location: Butler, MO
Distillers grain, dried, HiProFOB Butler MO 36% prot 6% fat$215.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB Butler MO 25% prot 6% fat$180.003/26/2015
CSM Replacer 41% prot 3% fatFOB Butler MO (sbm,ddg,csm)$300.003/26/2015
Soybean Meal Pellet 13% ProtFOB Butler MO$115.003/26/2015
Soybean Meal Pellet 18%FOB Butler MO$155.003/26/2015

Company Name: CHS
Location: Inver Grove Heights, MN
Distillers grain, dried25% CP, 10% CF; FOB MN$170.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB ND $170.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB Sauget IL $200.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB IL$205.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB IN $200.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB MI Out3/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB Median NY $195.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB IA $190.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB SD$170.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB Milton WI$190.003/26/2015

Company Name: Commodities Specialists
Location: St. Louis, MO
Brewers grain, pressed(73%mstr)FOB St Louis FEB 1 32%CP,0.83NEL,9.1%FAT Del 50 mi $58; Del 100 mi $60; Del 200 mi $70$56.003/26/2015

Company Name: Consolidated Grain and Barge
Location: Mount Vernon, IN
SBM 48FOB Mt. Vernon, IN$367.003/26/2015
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB Mt. Vernon, IN $130.003/26/2015

Company Name: CPE Feeds Inc
Location: Brownfield, TX
Cottonseed Meal, Extruded/ExpelledFOB Brownfield TX 26%Prot 6%Fat$290.003/26/2015
Sunflower Meal, Extruded/ExpelledFOB Brownfield TX 30%Prot 10%Fat Min$225.003/26/2015

Company Name: CyberAg Feed Co., Inc.
Location: N. Kansas City, MO
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB Var IL ship pts(SellerOption)bulk $125.003/26/2015
Cottonseed mealFOB Memphis TN $300.003/26/2015
Oyster ShellFOB KC MO (Sacked) $261.003/26/2015
Cottonseed hulls, sackedFOB Jonestown MS (45s)$215.003/26/2015
Wheat midds, pelletedFOB St Louis MO bulk $135.003/26/2015

Company Name: D & R Feed Inc.
Location: Victor, IA
Dry gluten pelletsFOB Cedar Rapids IA $135.003/26/2015
Corn gluten feed, wetFOB Cedar Rapids IA$50.003/26/2015
Modified Wet GlutenFOB Muscatine IA$77.003/26/2015

Company Name: Didion Milling
Location: Cambria, WI
Distillers grain, driedFOB Cambria WI$187.003/26/2015
Distillers Grain, WetFOB Cambria WI$48.003/26/2015
Corn SyrupFOB Cambria WI$45.003/26/2015
Soy hullsFOB Cambria WI$120.003/26/2015

Company Name: Diversified Ingr.
Location: St. Louis, MO
Alfalfa pellets FOB St Louis MO$245.003/26/2015
Rice BranFOB St Louis MO$125.003/26/2015
Cereal TailingsFOB Perryville MO$155.003/26/2015
Rice HullsFOB St Louis MO$70.003/26/2015
Whey, Spray DriedFOB St Louis MOOut3/26/2015

Company Name: Endres Processing
Location: Rosemont, MN
Bakery FeedFOB Rosemount, MN$150.003/26/2015
Bakery FeedFOB Anamosa IA No Min.$150.003/26/2015

Company Name: Fairway Dairy and Ingredients LLC
Location: Lakeville, MN
Ruminant Meat and Bone MealFOB Central MN & Central WI$395.003/26/2015
Pork blood mealFOB Central MN & Central WI$1,025.003/26/2015
Ruminant Blood MealFOB Central MN & Central WI$1,000.003/26/2015
Pork meat and bone mealFOB Central MN & Central WI$415.003/26/2015
Choice white grease (fat)FOB Central MN & Central WI $.28 LB$560.003/26/2015

Company Name: Furst-Mcness
Location: Mountain Grove, MO
Distillers grain, driedFOB South Central MO (will quote dlvd)$212.003/26/2015
Protein Tubs 27% prot 8% fat all natural (cotton cake base)FOB South Central MO (will quote dlvd)$750.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, dried, HiProFOB South Central MO (will quote dlvd)$245.003/26/2015
HominyFOB South Central MO (will quote dlvd)$144.003/26/2015
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB South Central MO (will quote dlvd)$154.003/26/2015

Company Name: Garvey Processing, Inc.
Location: N. Kansas City, MO
GEP PelletsFOB KC 9% CP 1% fat;$110.003/26/2015
15-4 Pellet (DDGs/cgf/soyhulls)FOB KC$155.003/26/2015

Company Name: Gavilon 2
Location: Omaha, NE
Distillers grain, driedFOB IA (will quote dlvd)$180.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB NE (will quote dlvd)$175.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB MO (will quote dlvd)$185.003/26/2015

Company Name: Gavilon 3
Location: Omaha, NE
Ruminant Meat and Bone MealFOB Missouri River$365.003/26/2015
Pork meat and bone mealFOB Missouri River$380.003/26/2015
Ruminant Blood MealFOB Missouri River$875.003/26/2015
Pork blood mealFOB Missouri River$900.003/26/2015
Feather MealFOB Missouri River$580.003/26/2015

Company Name: Gavilon 5
Location: Omaha, NE
Cottonseed hullsFOB Pine Bluff AR$115.003/26/2015
Cottonseed, wholeFOB Kennett MO$275.003/26/2015
Cottonseed hullsFOB Greenwood MS $135.003/26/2015
Cottonseed meal41% FOB Pine Bluff AR$315.003/26/2015
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB St Joseph MO$125.003/26/2015
Cottonseed meal38% FOB Greenwood MS$315.003/26/2015
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB Emporia KS$130.003/26/2015

Company Name: Grain Millers, Inc
Location: Eden Prairie, MN
Oat Screenings, GroundFOB St Ansgar IA$120.003/26/2015
Oat Screenings, pelletedFOB Springfield MO$230.003/26/2015
Oat Meal, FeedingFOB Springfield MO$350.003/26/2015
Oat FlourFOB St Ansgar IA bulk and totes$325.003/26/2015

Company Name: Grain Processing Corp.
Location: Muscatine, IA
Distillers grain, driedFOB Muscatine IA (bulk); 20 ton min$298.003/26/2015
Corn gluten mealFOB Muscatine IA $635.003/26/2015
Corn gluten feedFOB Washington IN (Loose) $150.003/26/2015
Corn gluten feed, pelletedFOB Washington IN$153.003/26/2015
Corn gluten feed STA MOIST 35% moistureFOB Muscatine, IA$72.003/26/2015

Company Name: Green Commodities
Location: Shawnee Mission, KS
Wheat middsFOB KC (truck)freight rate 25 tons $140-150$145.003/26/2015
Wheat middsFOB St. Louis (truck) $130-140$135.003/26/2015

Company Name: Hansen Marketing Inc.
Location: Oneida, WI
Oat screeningsFOB Springfield MO$115.003/26/2015
HominyFOB Springfield MO$157.003/26/2015
Corn ScreeningsFOB Springfield MO$133.003/26/2015

Company Name: Integrity Sales, LLC
Location: Deforest, WI
Soy Cakes (DM 80.34%,Prot 27.26%, Fat 9.74%)FOB WI$120.003/26/2015

Company Name: Iowa Agricultural Bio Fibers
Location: Harlan, IA
Roughage pellet (stover/wheat midds/oat scrnings/steep)FOB Harlan IA 11% prot 2% fat$167.003/26/2015
Commodity Pellet (DDG/oat scrn/corn gern/corn stover)FOB Harlan IA 15% protein$201.003/26/2015

Company Name: J. D. Heiskell
Location: Ankeny, IA
Distillers grain, driedFOB IA$170.003/26/2015

Company Name: Jasper Soy Processors LLC
Location: Jasper, MN
Soybeans, Extruded/Expelled (Candi-Soy)FOB MN $402.433/26/2015
Soybean Oil, Degummed, Extruded/ExpelledFOB Jasper MN $891.003/26/2015
Soybeans, ExtrudedFOB Jasper MN $494.473/26/2015

Company Name: Kent Nutrition Group
Location: Muscatine, IA
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB St Joseph MO $130.003/26/2015
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB Cedar Rapids IA$120.003/26/2015
Soy Meal, Hi-ProFOB Cedar Rapids IA$343.003/26/2015
Soy Meal, Hi-ProFOB Iowa Falls IA$328.003/26/2015
Soy Meal, Hi-ProFOB Sioux City IA$323.003/26/2015
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB Cairo IL $130.003/26/2015

Company Name: Key Ingredients, Inc.
Location: Plymouth, MN
Corn gluten mealFOB IA plants 60%)$620-640$630.003/19/2015
Corn gluten feed, pelletedFOB S WI $154-164$159.003/19/2015
Corn gluten feed, pelletedFOB IA plants $130-135$132.503/19/2015
Corn gluten feed, pelletedFOB S MO $162-174$168.003/19/2015
Corn gluten mealFOB Chicago IL (60%) rail Out3/19/2015
Corn gluten feed, pelletedFOB IL Plants $125-130$127.503/19/2015
Corn gluten mealFOB IL plants $630-650$640.003/19/2015

Company Name: Labudde Group
Location: Grafton, WI
Corn gluten feed, pelletedFOB Clinton IA $135.003/26/2015
Linseed MealFOB Red Wing MN$235.003/26/2015
Beet Pulp PelletsFOB Renville MN $160.003/26/2015

Company Name: Lackawanna Products
Location: Clarence, NY
Corn gluten feed, pelletedFOB Springfield, MO $166.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB Springfield, MO Pellets $233$227.003/26/2015
Cottonseed, wholeFOB Memphis$285.003/26/2015
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB Springfield, MO $157.003/26/2015
Corn gluten mealFOB Chicago, IL $650.003/26/2015

Company Name: Lincolnland Agri-Energy, LLC
Location: Palestine, IL
Distillers Grain, Modified WetFOB Palestine IL$78.003/26/2015

Company Name: Louis Dreyfus Commodities
Location: Grand Junction, IA
Distillers grain, driedFOB Grand Junction IA$185.003/26/2015
Distillers Grain, Modified WetFOB Grand Junction IA$90.003/26/2015

Company Name: Maneval, Inc.
Location: Jasper, MO
Whole Roasted SoybeansFOB Jasper, MO$725.003/26/2015

Company Name: MGP Ingredients
Location: Atchison, KS
Distillers grain, driedFOB Atchison, KS$180.003/26/2015

Company Name: Midwest Agriculture International, LLC
Location: Omaha, NE
Poultry Meal - 60% ProteinFOB MN (sacked)$590.003/26/2015
Ruminant Meat and Bone MealFOB CA (loose)$395.003/26/2015
Fish MealFOB Gulf (sacked, 65% protein)Out3/26/2015
Palm Kernel Meal - 17% ProteinFOB Gulf (sacked)Out3/26/2015
Corn gluten feed, pelletedFOB Iowa (loose)$210.003/26/2015

Company Name: NEMO Feed, LLC
Location: Baring, MO
Corn gluten feed, pelletedFOB Baring MO $160.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB Baring MO$209.003/26/2015
SBM 47 FOB Baring MO$380.003/26/2015
Soyplus42.5% protein$430.003/26/2015
Soy hulls, pelletedWe have ability to blend 2 or more byprod+add mineral pacs. Delivery available. $160.003/26/2015

Company Name: New Balance Commodities
Location: Nodaway, IA
Distillers Grain, Modified WetFOB IA$90.003/26/2015
Corn SyrupFOB MO$25.003/26/2015
Corn SyrupFOB IA$30.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB IA$185.003/26/2015
Soy hullsFOB IA$115.003/26/2015
Corn gluten feed, wetFOB MO$47.003/26/2015
Corn gluten feed, wetFOB IA$55.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB MO$190.003/26/2015
Soy hullsFOB MO$125.003/26/2015
Distillers Grain, WetFOB MO$100.003/26/2015

Company Name: Noble Mansfield Renewable Energy
Location: Sioux Center, IA
Corn Germ MealFOB Merrill IAOut3/26/2015
Corn OilOut3/26/2015

Company Name: NutraAg, LLC
Location: Versailles, MO
Distillers grain, driedFOB Versailles$230.003/26/2015
Corn gluten feed, pelletedMixing and delivery of products available.$170.003/26/2015
Soy hulls, pelleted$164.003/26/2015
SBM 48$405.003/26/2015

Company Name: Nutrecycle LLC
Location: Tipton, IA
Peanut Butter FeedFOB Ohio River Valley$220.003/26/2015
Wheat Germ, defattedFOB IN, IL$95.003/26/2015
Bulk Loose Hard CandyFOB Chicago$65.003/26/2015
Cookies, packagedFOB Chicago$65.003/26/2015
Gum/Candy, packagedFOB Chicago$60.003/26/2015

Company Name: Omega Protein, Inc.
Location: Houston, TX
Fish MealSpecSelMenhadFOBStLMO Bag+$50 ton$1,835.003/26/2015
Fish MealFOB Gulf Bag +$50 ton$1,775.003/26/2015
Fish MealFOB Reedville VA Bag +$50 ton$1,775.003/26/2015
Fish Oil, Menhaden($1.00 lb)Crude, FOB Gulf$2,000.003/26/2015
Fish Oil, VP Gold($1.40 lb)FOB Reedville VA$2,800.003/26/2015

Company Name: Pacific Ag Commodities
Location: Sacramento, CA
Rice Hulls, groundFOB Crowley LA$20.003/26/2015
Rice Mill FeedFOB Crowley LA$55.003/26/2015
Rice BranFOB Mermentau LA$120.003/26/2015

Company Name: Penford Products
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
Corn gluten feed, wetFOB Cedar Rapids$42.003/26/2015
Corn gluten mealFOB Cedar Rapids $600.003/26/2015

Company Name: Poet Nutrition
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Distillers grain, driedFOB Macon, MO$188.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB Laddonia, MO$193.003/26/2015
Distillers Grain, WetFOB Laddonia MO$63.003/26/2015
Distillers Grain, WetFOB Macon MO$63.003/26/2015

Company Name: Pratt Energy LLC
Location: Pratt, KS
Distillers Grain, WetFOB Pratt KS$68.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB Pratt KS$190.003/26/2015

Company Name: R&B Feeds
Location: Atlantic, IA
Cane MolassesFOB Atlantic IA$345.003/26/2015
Corn OilFOB Atlantic IA$1,995.003/26/2015
Refined Soy OilFOB Atlantic IA Packaging options available on products.$1,705.003/26/2015
Corn, steam-flakedFOB Atlantic IA $335.003/26/2015

Company Name: Rawlings Brokerage Company
Location: McComb, MS
Cotton Gin Motes (immature cottonseed/fiber)FOB Money MS Min Prot 8% Fat 1.5% Fiber 38% - TDN 65 (17 ton ave/walking floors only) APR-SEPT$55.003/26/2015

Company Name: Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers Inc
Location: Richmond , MO
Distillers grain, driedFOB Carrollton MO $195.003/26/2015
Distillers Grain, Modified WetFOB Carrollton MO $95.003/26/2015

Company Name: Riley Cotton Co.
Location: New Madrid, MO
Cottonseed, wholeFOB New Madrid; Out3/26/2015

Company Name: Roquette America
Location: Keokuk, IA
Corn gluten feed, pelletedFOB Keokuk, IA $150.003/26/2015
Corn gluten meal(60%) $650.003/26/2015
Corn gluten feed, wet$52.003/26/2015

Company Name: SEMO Milling LLC
Location: Scott City, MO
Hominy, Hi FatFOB Cape Girardeau 11% crude prot 8% crude fat average$126.003/26/2015

Company Name: Stoddard County Cotton
Location: Bernie, MO
Cottonseed, wholeFOB Bernie, MO $285.003/26/2015

Company Name: The Scoular Company
Location: Russell, KS
Distillers Grain, WetFOB Russell KS $66.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB Russell KSOut3/26/2015
Wheat middsFOB Russell KS(will quote delivered)$130.003/26/2015

Company Name: Trade Comm
Location: Rich Hill, MO
Distillers Grain, Modified WetFOB Rich Hill MO$110.003/26/2015
HominyFOB Rich Hill MO$145.003/26/2015
Corn ScreeningsFOB Rich Hill MO$145.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB Rich Hill MO$205.003/26/2015
Distillers Grain, WetFOB Rich Hill MO$93.003/26/2015

Company Name: Vita Plus Loyal
Location: Loyal, WI
Canola Meal PelletsFOB Watertown WI, McGregor IA, Winona MN$240.003/26/2015
Canola Meal 36%FOB Watertown WI, McGregor IA, Winona MN$240.003/26/2015

Company Name: Weigand Feed & Grain
Location: Warrensburg, MO
Corn gluten feed, pelletedFOB Warrensburg Semi loads only$170.003/26/2015
Soy hulls, pelletedFOB Warrensburg Semi loads only Delivery available on byproducts. $180.003/26/2015
Distillers grain, driedFOB Warrensburg Semi loads only$220.003/26/2015

Company Name: Wilbur-Ellis Co Feed Division
Location: Valley Center, KS
Corn gluten feed, pelletedFOB Joplin MO$148.003/26/2015
Avian Blood Meal 85% protFOB Rosser TX$850.003/26/2015
Ruminant Blood MealFOB Gaffney SC 85% prot$950.003/26/2015
Poultry By Meal 45% protFOB Gaffney SC$500.003/26/2015
Poultry By Meal 45% protFOB Rosser TX$450.003/26/2015

This bulletin is produced by the faculty and staff from the University of Missouri Division of Animal Sciences and Commercial Agriculture Program. Prices of feeds are as of the day quoted and are subject to change. When contacting companies inquire as to availability, minimum size loads, and method of payment.

DISCLAIMER: The University of Missouri and University of Missouri Extension are not responsible for quality, availability or changes in prices of feedstuffs listed.

For additional information contact:
Joe Horner
Dairy Extension
MU Extension Commercial Agriculture
223 B Mumford Hall
University of Missouri
Justin Sexten
Beef Nutrition Extension
MU Extension Commercial Agriculture
S-132A Animal Science Center
University of Missouri

For more information about this page, please contact: Joe Horner or Justin Sexten

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