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New Balance Commodities
2320 Birch Ave
Nodaway, IA 50857
Wade Samo
cell: 712-542-0708 office: 712-785-3766

Company's Listings:

Feed Notes Price/ton Date
Distillers Grain, Modified WetFOB MO$80.0012/13/2018
Distillers Grain, Modified WetFOB IA$75.0012/13/2018
Corn SyrupFOB MO$13.0012/13/2018
Corn SyrupFOB IA$10.0012/13/2018
Distillers grain, driedFOB IA$155.0012/13/2018
Soy hullsFOB IA$152.0012/13/2018
Corn gluten feed, wetFOB MO$45.0012/13/2018
Corn gluten feed, wetFOB IA$45.0012/13/2018
Distillers grain, driedFOB MO$165.0012/13/2018
Soy hullsFOB MO$160.0012/13/2018

This bulletin is produced by the faculty and staff from the University of Missouri Division of Animal Sciences and Commercial Agriculture Program. Prices of feeds are as of the day quoted and are subject to change. When contacting companies inquire as to availability, minimum size loads, and method of payment.

DISCLAIMER: The University of Missouri and University of Missouri Extension are not responsible for quality, availability or changes in prices of feedstuffs listed.

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Dairy Extension
MU Extension Commercial Agriculture
223 B Mumford Hall
University of Missouri
Marcia Carlson Shannon
Ag Ext-Animal Science
S133d Animal Sciences Center
University of Missouri

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