Missouri Users Conference

2021 Computers on the Farm
Virtual Conference
February 8-9, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

If you are a farmer who wants to make more effective use of your computer on your farm, this conference is designed for you!

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Computers on the Farm is an annual event for all people interested in computer applications on the farm. This year's conference will be moving online for two evenings. Topics are planned for both beginning and advanced users. Demonstrations and discussion of computer technologies for farm applications are emphasized. Much of the conference consists of current farm users sharing experiences about computer applications they are using in their operations.

This year's conference will be online via ZOOM

With the conference moving to a virtual environment via ZOOM, topics will be designed to provide demonstrations to simulate a hands-on experience for beginners and experienced farm computer users.

Topics Include
  • Virtual Conferencing Ins and Outs
  • Monitoring Your Farm for Security
  • Advanced Spreadsheet Discussions
  • Farm Accounting Update/Future
  • Update on Farm Taxes
  • Social Media for the Farm
  • Precision Ag & Drone Technologies
  • Digital Change for Rural America
  • Starlink-Global Broadband

    For conference details and registration informaiton, go to:

    or contact Kent Shannon at 573-882-7510 or email: shannond@missouri.edu

    2021 Conference Planning Committee
    Jason Dieckhoff - Harrisonville, MO
    Doug Davis - Fillmore, MO
    Keith Koenig - Bufordville, MO
    Bernard Bargfrede - Blackburn, MO
    Ed Hager - Eugene, MO
    Alan Washburn - Lamar, MO

    Sponsored by:
    University of Missouri Extension
    College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources