Computers on the Farm

Missouri Users Conference and Vendor Show

January 6-7, 1999
Holiday Inn Select, Columbia, MO
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WEDNESDAY, January 6



Introductions & Idea Exchange
        Computer Hardware and Software We Use

Ensign -  A Computer Package I Use for Marketing Decisions

BREAK - Vendor Displays

Concurrent Sessions (1 time)
     1. Getting Started With Computers
             Using Windows and MS Office Professional

     2. Networks - "How To" Session
             Why network our farm offices and buildings

     3. Databases for Your Farm
             How to start using Access

     4. FARMWORK - Complete Farm Record Keeping Package We Use

Concurrent sessions (1 time)
     1. Flatbed Scanners - Useful Tools for the Farm
             Adobe Photoshop example

     2. Web Pages - Do I Need One and How Do I Set One Up?
             Discussion and Purebred Livestock Example

     3. Beginners Spreadsheet Session - 
             Using Spreadsheets for Financial Management

     4. Options and Futures Pricing with a Spreadsheet
             Advanced spreadsheet session

     5. Advanced Computing Discussions



Concurrent Sessions (3 times - 30 minutes each)

     1. Keeping Field Records Using a Spreadsheet
             (with production and financial reporting)

     2. How I use QuickBooks for My Farm Accounting

     3. Getting to Ag Software on the Internet

     4. Crop Management Database Software (ISU)

     5. Using and Managing Electronic Mail with Eudora

     6. Software for Cattle Operations

     7. Getting Started with Mapping -- Autosketch

     8. Using the Internet for Genealogy

Open Ended Discussion & Idea Exchange

     1. Software and Vendor Displays

     2. Mentoring Session on Beginning Computer Use
             (What are your questions?  Fill in the topics on
              your registration form)
             (computers and software provided - or bring your own)

     3. Public Domain Software Exchange

     4. Marketing Discussions and New Marketing Software

     5. MIR Help Session


THURSDAY, January 7

Breakfast Buffet

Early Bird Breakfast Forum
        Topics:  Experiences with hardware & software

On the Horizon -- New Technologies for the Farm

Y2K -- Will the Millennium Bug Affect us on the Farm?

Technologies for Livestock Data Collection

Update on Taxes


Using Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) for Work 

Yield Monitors and GPS 
- Experiences on Our Farm and What's in the Future

Hardware - What to Buy Today
       * Computers              * Printers
       * Modems and FAX         * Scanners

Final Discussion and Recap

ADJOURN (12 p.m.)
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Sponsored by:
University of Missouri-Columbia
College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Department of Agricultural Economics
Commercial Agriculture Program

in cooperation with
University Extension and
MU Conference Office

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