Missouri Weather Stations

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                        Weather Observations to Support
                      Commercial Agriculture in Missouri

      The success of modern farming practices depends on weather events
occurring prior to and during the time of the farm operation.  To document the
environmental conditions, information concerning the weather events are
needed.  The Commercial Agriculture Program of University Extension has
established weather stations at several locations in the state.  The data from
these stations are reported as menu items on AgEBB (Agricultural Electronic
Bulletin Board).  The locations are listed by county.

      The weather information reported are the hourly and daily conditions at
each location.  The primary conditions observed are:

            Air temperature,
            Relative humidity,
            Wind direction and speed,
            Soil temperature at the two inch depth,
            Solar radiation,

The summaries of these weather elements are presented on AgEBB as Menu Items:

            Daily Weather Report,
            Hourly Weather Data,
            Calculated Weather Indices,
            Accumulated Weather Summaries, year to date.

Additional descriptions of the data and summaries are presented when each Menu
Item is called.

Questions concerning weather station information presented should be
directed to Pat Guinan, State Climatologist, MU (573) 882-5908.

*** Accumulated precipitation data does not begin until September 13, 1994
    for all locations.

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