Ukulima Farm
South Africa

Lat: -24.549472, Lon: 28.105861
Real-Time Weather at
Ukulima Farm

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Ukulima Farm Weather Station
Sunrise: 5:12 am
Sunset: 6:33 pm
Updated every 5 minutes
November 16, 2013, 1:35 amSAST
Current Conditions:
Temperature: 22.2C
Dewpoint: 3.1C
Humidity: 29%
Wind Speed: Calm
Peak Wind Gust: Calm
Wind Direction: W
Solar Radiation: 0.0W/m
Today: Yesterday:
Max. Temp.:
12:01 am
2:56 pm
Min. Temp.:
1:34 am
5:38 am
Precipitation: 0.00mm 0.00mm
Peak Wind Gust:
12:01 am
11:12 am
Estimated ET:
(short crop)
Since midnight.

Ukulima Farm Crop Water Use Calculator

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Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maz y Trigo
The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization
The Nature Conservation Trust
Pennsylvania Sate University
Norman Borlaug Institute
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