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Missouri Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Awards

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1999 Projects

1. Scouring and Mothproofing Wool and Mohair Using an Organic Cleaning Agent and Herbal Extracts
Nancy Barnett
Rt. 2, Box 2360
Alton, MO 65606

2. Value-Adding Organic Wheat, Corn and Rye Into Whole Grain Flour
Susan Bennett
1001 E. Fox Hollow Rd.
Ashland, MO 65010
3. Pasture Poultry/Intensive Grazing
Bobby Clay
P.O. Box 237
Neelyville, MO 63954
4. Exploring the Use of Locally Produced Compost as an Alternative to Commercial Potting Soil for the Growing of Hardy Fall Chrysanthemums
John and Frances Delly
P.O. Box 64
Elkland, MO 65644
5. Organic Farming
Dale Dintaman
6171 State Highway 96
Carthage, Mo 64836
6.Poultry Sustainability
East Central Missouri Farmersí Market
c/o Kelly Klober, Market Master
136 Zumwalt Rd
Silex, MO 63377
7. Production and Marketing Strategies for the Small Scale Ostrich Operation
Alan Fear
HCR 1, Box 73
Hermitage, MO 65668-9610
8. Artificial Insemination of Queen Honeybees
Troy Hart
3738 Hwy 47
Lonedell, MO 63060
9. A Trial of Ark-Type Poultry Housing
Kelly Klober
136 Zumwalt Rd
Silex, MO 63377
10. Passive Earth Cold Storage
Michael Lane
8384 St. George Road
Hartville, MO 65667
11. Education Seminars on Intensive Production and Marketing of Vegetables, Herbs, Cut and Edible Flowers
Ray Evans
1995 Halifax Rd
Holts Summit, MO 65043
12. Overseeding Legumes and Forbs Into Fescue Pastures to Increase Productivity and Profitability
Gary Ogg
37512 Hwy 10
Richmond, MO 64085
13. Establishment of Colored Angora Goats for Fiber Production and Breeding at the Alpaca Company Farm
Diane Peckham
3151 West Route K
Columbia, MO 65203
14. Wind Monitoring Station for Alternative Power
Karen Riley
RR 2, Box 134
Elmo, MO 64445
15. Enhancement of Birdsfoot Trefoil and Marion Lespedeza in Brome, with a Sustainable Management Rotational Grazing Program
Jeff Robinson
RR 2
Lucerne, MO 64655
16. Alternative Crops in Sole and Double Crop Systems in West Central Missouri
Lynn Rogers
505 Pine St.
Richmond, MO 64085
17. Small Grain Cover Crops Following Soybeans for Erosion Control and as a Forage Source
Robert Schrunk
47702 Hwy K
Norborne, MO 64668
18. Agroforestry: Evaluation of Non- Traditional Cultivars for Christmas Trees
Scott and Donna Slusher
18450 Hwy 24
Lexington, MO 64067
19. Improved Mineral Supplementation for Beef Cattle Through Forage Evaluation and Soil Testing
Mark Trump
RR 2, Box 2465
Wyaconda, MO 63474
and Kenneth Suter
RR 1, Box 1610
Wyaconda, MO 63474
20. Improving Soil for Berry Production and Wildlife Control Using Organic Methods
Cecil and Delores Votra
Rt. 2, Box 2788 C.B.U. #12
Wheatland, MO 65779
21. Creating an Educational/Informational Booklet for Customers of Our Pasture-Raised Meats and for Other Producers Seeking to Share Information with their Customers
Tim and Julie Walker
901 County Road 425
Fayette, MO 65248

The Community Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture Program is a University Outreach and Extension program, administered jointly by the University of Missouri System and Lincoln University, in collaboration with the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and with support from the Bonnie Clark Fund for Sustainable Agriculture.

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