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Missouri Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Awards
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1997 Projects

1. Comparison of Material for Control of Tracheal and Varroa Mites in Honeybees
John Stenger
RR 1 Box 159
Campbell, MO 63933

2. Raising Chickens in Movable Pens to Increase Soil Fertility
Chris Wimmer
4354 Wilson Rd
Wentzville, MO 63385

3. Exploring the Use of Forage Corn in Developing a Sustainable Beef Enterprise for Finishing Cattle on Forage Corn
Harry Cope
Cope Farms
RR 1 Box 95
Truxton, MO 63381

4. Evaluation of Echinacea (purple coneflower) as a Sustainable and Profitable Crop on Marginal Land
Sand Hill Farm
c/o Stan Hildebran
RR 1 Box 155
Rutledge, MO 63563

5. Use of Shropshire Sheep for Alternative Weed Control in Christmas Trees
Bill White
11454 NW Hwy 169
Union Star, MO 64494

6. Sustaining Soil and Community With Low-Frame-Score Cattle Through Direct Marketed Beef
Dean Fleharty
RR 1 Box 378
Concordia, MO 64020

7. Mulching: An Alternative to Herbicides in Nut Tree Production
Carroll Chancellor
37497 Maple Grove Rd
Windsor, MO 65360

8. Farrowing Sows in a Standing Corn Crop to Reduce Feed and Harvest Cost
Dave Roth
5201 NW 56th St
Kansas City, MO 64151

9. Greenhouse Strawberries
Curtis J. Woods
RR 2 Box 17
Higginsville, MO 64037

10. Feeding Ostriches Sprouts
Marvin & Alice Huenefeld
RR 1 Box 117
Wellington, MO 64097

11. Use of Puna Chicory to Improve Forage Quality in Managing Intensive Grazing Systems in Gravely Ozark Soil for Beef Cattle and Sheep
Marie Iiams
RR 3 Box 160 A
Jenkins, MO 65605

12. Growing Watermelon and Muskmelon Using the Hydrosource/Dewitt Sunbelt Dryland Gardening System
Arden Compton
RR 1 Box 330
Tunas, MO 65764

13. Diversified Components for a Small Farm
Dervin & Yolonda Roth
27475 Kafir Rd
Carl Junction, MO 64834

14. Sustainable Agriculture Draft Power Versus Tractor Power in a Bio-extensive Environment
Richard Holland
Rr 1 Box 650
Fair Grove, MO 65648

15. Organic Treatment With Selective Bee Breeding for the Prevention and Control Varroa and Tracheal Mites
John D. Stringer
RR 1 Box 96A
Rosebud, MO 63091

16. Chemical Free Heirloom and Non-Hybrid Market Garden
Tricia Hoffman
HC 87 Box 7586
Steelville, MO 65565

17. Chemical Fertilizer Compared to Organic Fertilizer
Gaylon Thibodeaux
198 County Rd 1590
Willow Springs, MO 65793

18. Partnering of Small Farms for Profitability with Backyard Free Range Chickens
Karen Machetta
12568 Hwy 63 North
Hallsville, MO 65255

19. Fertigation Schedules for Blueberries and Their Effect Upon Nitrogen Losses Through Leaching
C.L. Scrivner
725 E. Ceder Tree Lane
Hartsburg, MO 65039

20. Sheep Production Under Management Intensive Grazing
Andy McMurry
1110 Co. Rd 319
Franklin, MO 65250

21. Early Vine Ripened Tomatoes
John Dillon
9574 Hwy 87
Prairie Home, MO 65068

22. Intensive Production and Marketing of Vegetables in Raised Beds, Extension and Outreach
Ray Evans
1995 Halifax Rd
Holts Summit, MO 65043

The Community Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture Program is a University Outreach and Extension program, administered jointly by the University of Missouri System and Lincoln University, in collaboration with the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and with support from the Bonnie Clark Fund for Sustainable Agriculture.

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