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Missouri Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Awards

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2003 Recipients

1. Pasture Poultry Egg Production
Alan and Sharon Barnett
470 N Hwy 65
Trenton, MO 64683

2. Weed Control for Native Wildflower Seed Plots
Debi Bridgman
3240 County Road 193
Philadelphia, MO 63463

3. Low Input Red Wattle Hog Raising Project Employing a Rotational Grazing System
Edmund O. Brown II
2325 Kindle Rd.
Reeds, MO 64859-2166

4. Canby Farm Solar Pit Greenhouse Project
Chris and Traci Canby
936 Bear Valley Road
Union, MO 63084

5. Economically Sustainable Beef Production and Marketing on a Small Acreage
Steve Carl
17785 Lawrence 2040
Miller, MO 65707

6. Wholesome Harvest - Backyard Alternative. Making a valuable difference in my community.
Cristin Chambers, and Larry and Carla Chambers
675 SE 10th Ave.
Trenton, MO 64683

7. Large Scale High Tunnel Vegetable Production
Roy Cooper, Jr.
Missouri Bootheel/Southern Illinois Produce Coop., Inc.
415 North Chestnut
Hayti, MO 63851

8. Using Low Tunnel Season Extension Techniques to Produce Early Flowering Crops for Missouri Fresh Cut Flower Market
Mimo I. Davis
WildThang Farms
14150 Bob Veach Road
Ashland, MO 65010

9. Using Ryegrass and Hairy Vetch as Mulches for Weed Control in Organic Crop Production
Alex Green
653 Martin Luther King Dr.
Hayti Heights, MO 63851

10. Utilizing Permanent Pasture for Raising Market Garden Vegetables while Renovating Endophyte Infected Pastures to Novel Endophyte Fescue in a Rotational Grazing System
Rick Hopkins
P.O. Box 190
Marionville, MO 65705

11. Crawfish Production in Re-established Wetlands
Ben Hunter
14 Belaire
Sikeston, MO 63801

12. High Tunnel Production of Tomatoes and Peppers on a North Missouri Farm
David Kottman
Roanoke Farm Produce, LC
1692 County Rd. 2080
Armstrong, MO 65230

13. Complete Feed for Sustainable Family Farms
Ronald E. Macher
3903 W. Ridge Trail Rd.
Clark, MO 65243-9525

14. Electric Greenhouse Tractor
Steve McLaskey
26111 Capital Hill Rd.
Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670

15. Production of Berry Varieties in North Missouri
Jeff Morelock
11196 Field Drive
Browning, MO 64630

16. Use of Undersize and Cull Trees as Lumber
Norval Netsch
795 SE 1300
Windsor, MO 65360

17. Self-Sufficient Mini Garden with Recycling - gravity flow drip irrigation system
Diana Oldfather
P.O. Box 24
Gasconade, MO 65036

18. Measuring and Improving Soil Fertility During Transition from Conventional Field Crops to Organic Vegetable Production
Thomas Ruggieri and Rebecca Graff
18613 Downing Road
Kearney, MO 64060

19. Evaluating Performance and Feasibility of Probiotics in Feed Rations for Sustainable Pork Production
John Stegeman
Rt. 1, Box 187
Loose Creek, MO 65054

20. Pecan Grove in Mississippi Flood Plain: Agroforestry and Alley Cropping
Julian Nick Verde
334 N. Meramec Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63105

21. Development of a Five-Year Crop Rotation Incorporating Cover Crops and Specialty Crops
Alan Weber
3801 Bray Court
Columbia, MO 65203

22. Ethanol from Waste Fruit
Daniel H. West
26009 Jewell Avenue
Macon, MO 63552

23. Test Firing of Switchgrass-Based Fuel Pellets
James Ziler
12659 State Hwy. 37
Reeds, MO 64859

Corn Gluten Meal Weed Control Project

Steve McKaskle
P.O. Box 280
Braggadocio, MO 63826-0280

Transition From Beef Producer to Added Value Direct Marketer

Robert D. Malcom and Thomas L. Craft, Butler, MO
Papa Cow's Inc. & Changing Acres
RR 2, Box 358
Butler, MO 64730

Use of Poultry Litter, Composted Poultry Litter and Vetch as Nutrient Sources in Crop Production Systems

Gary Ogg
37512 Highway 10
Richmond, MO 64085

The Community Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture Program is a University Outreach and Extension program, administered jointly by the University of Missouri System and Lincoln University, in collaboration with the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and with support from the Bonnie Clark Fund for Sustainable Agriculture.

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