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Missouri Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Awards

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2000 Projects

1. Soybean Wax Candles and Soybean Base Soaps
Karen Andresen and Jeanie Gibson
200 S Main
Newtown, MO 64667 (Sullivan County)
2. Walnut Harvester Project
Carroll Chancellor
37497 Maple Grove Rd.
Windsor, MO 65360
(Henry and Polk Counties)
3. Pest Control through Soil Fertility
T. Arden Compton
Rt. 1, Box 330
Tunas, MO 65764 (Dallas County)
4. Use of Multi-Species Grazing to Reclaim Abandoned Strip Mines
David S. Coplen
Birch Cove Farm
204 Birch Cove
Fulton, MO 65251 (Callaway County)
5. New Zealand Cool Season Grass Demonstration: Dairy Heifers Grazing
Mark DeShon/Glenn Brown
9875 SW Rogers Rd
Clarksdale, MO 64430 (Dekalb County)
6. Saving Soil and Family Farm through Value-Added Livestock
Nathan and Juanita Schreiber
R.R. 2, Box 25A
Farmington, Iowa 52626
(Clark County, Missouri residents)
7. Mulching Grape Plantings with Tobacco Stalks for Control of Erosion, Weeds and Moisture Retention
Rob Hall
34385 Iatan Road
Weston, MO 64098 (Platte County)
8. Measuring Yield, Quality, and Profitability of Goat Milk Produced from Different Forages, Including Intensive Grazing
Rhonda and Paul Hamby
2402 SW Water St.
Maysville, MO 64469 (Dekalb County)
9. Decreasing Chemical Dependence through the Use of Cover Crops and Crop Diversification
Jerald Weber
11829 Hwy. J
Nelson, MO 65347 (Pettis County)
10. A Study of the Feasibility of Developing and Marketing Locally Bred and Raised Purebred Poultry to a Regional Market Made up of other Family Farmers and "Rurban" Property Owners
Kelly and Phyllis Klober
136 Zumwalt Rd.
Silex, MO 63377 (Lincoln County)
11. Waste Water Reclamation
Steve Krysiak
508 Switchgrass Road
Fordland, MO 65652 (Webster, County)
12. The Benefits of Using South African Boer Goats to Increase Average Daily Gains thus Reaching Market Weights Quicker
Clarence Luchini
23822 Highway T
Milan, MO 63556 (Sullivan County)
13. Increase Profits, Decrease Time and Labor Expenditures, by Applying Techniques of Erosion Control, Soil Building Strategies and Selective Planting to Convert Non-Productive Land into Rotational Grazing Pastures on a Commercial Goat Dairy
Gary Pipkins
2489 E. 364 Rd.
Louisburg, MO 65685 (Polk County)
14. Evaluation on the Costs and Effectiveness of a Biological Pest Control Program for Production of Spring Bedding Plants and Flowers from a Commercial Greenhouse
William Regan
Regan's Riverhill Gardens
7450 S. Nursery Rd.
Columbia, MO 65203 (Boone County)
15. Using Wood ByProducts for Greenhouse Heat Source
Octavia A. Scharenborg
187 Bighorn Lane
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
(Cape Girardeau County)
16. A Study Into an Auction Marketing System for Small Stock, Poultry, and Farm Supplies to Serve the Family Farmers of East Central Missouri Including Possible Trial Selling Events
Marvill Schipper
1883 Hwy. 161
Montgomery City, MO 63361 (Montgomery, Pike, Lincoln, and Warren Counties)
17. Growing 5 Acres of Green Peas on a River Bottom Row Crop Farm
Charles Schmid and Amy Schmid
9349 Schmid Way
Portland, MO 65067 (Callaway County)
18. Utilizing Farm Ponds for Catfish Production
M. Darrin Schroeder
35225 S. Connely Lane
Garden City, MO 64747 (Cass County)
19. Brambles and Sassafras Agroforestry Project
Brian E. Schweiss
28097 Jenny Place
Macon, MO 63552 (Macon County)
20. Organic Rice Production Project
Andy Turman
6875 County Road 725
Dexter, MO 63841 (Stoddard County)
21.Improving Crop Diversity with Edible Dry Beans
Jay Turner
7310 N. Rogers
Columbia, MO 65202-9311 (Boone)
22. Growing Black Raspberries for Market
Cecil L. Voltra
RT. 2, Box 2788, CBU #12
Wheatland, MO 65779 (Hickory County)

The Community Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture Program is a University Outreach and Extension program, administered jointly by the University of Missouri System and Lincoln University, in collaboration with the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and with support from the Bonnie Clark Fund for Sustainable Agriculture.

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