Missouri Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Award

Project Title:

Producer/Project Leader:


Phone Number:


Send completed report and final budget by mail or e-mail to both addresses below. Use the following subject line for e-mail reports: Demo Awd Final Report.

Judy Grundler
IPM Program Administrator
Missouri Department of Agriculture
1616 Missouri Blvd.
Jefferson City, MO 65102
(573) 526-9548 Phone
(573) 751-0005 FAX
Dr. Sandy Rikoon
c/o Sharon Naylor
Rural Sociology
Room 204 Gentry Hall, UMC
Columbia, MO 65211

If you have questions, please call Judy Grundler at: (573) 526-9548.

*Please note: Questions #1 - 3 are taken from your original application. If there are any changes to these items, please explain below. If there are no changes, you may go on to question #4.

1. Describe the problem you addressed and why this problem is important to your farm and to other producers in your area.

2. What are the objectives of this project?

3. Describe your farm operation.

4. Describe in detail how you used this grant to address the problem (use additional pages if necessary). Please include:

A. Work activities and timetable (what steps did you take and when?)
B. Results (what did you accomplish?)
C. What did you learn from your project?
D. What would you do differently if you were going to do your project again?

5. How did you share information from your project with other producers?
(Please include the number of people who attended field days or presentations.)

6. Final Budget instructions: List how grant funds were used in the second column. List your contributions to the project in the third column - include donations, use of your own funds, and in-kind contributions of labor, facilities, supplies, etc. Calculate your own contributions according to what they would have cost if you had to hire the work out. For example: calculate your labor at $/hour, calculate your land costs at $/acre it would cost you to rent the land, calculate use of your own equipment at $/acre or $/hour it would cost to rent the equipment.

Please note:


Participants' name address,
phone number and role
Grant Funds UsedOther Contributions


Type of expenseGrant Funds UsedOther Contributions
Operating expenses and supplies  
Lease of land and equipment  
Equipment purchases  
Subtotal from above items$__________$__________
Subtotal of labor expenses (pg. 4)$__________$__________
Total Grant Funds Used$__________ 
Total Contributions $__________



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