Missouri Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Award

Project Title:

Producer/Project Leader:


Phone Number:


1. Describe in detail your work activities and how you used your grant funds this year. (Use another sheet or the back of this form if necessary.)

2. List the results of your project and what you have learned so far.

3. Describe your work plan for next year.

4. How did you share information from your project with other producers? (Include the number of people who attended field days or demonstrations.) What plans do you have for sharing information next year?

Send completed report by mail or email to both addresses below. Use the following subject line for e-mail reports: Demo Awd Annual Report.

Judy Grundler
IPM Program Administrator
Missouri Department of Agriculture
1616 Missouri Blvd.
Jefferson City, MO 65102
(573) 526-9548 Phone
(573) 751-0005 FAX
Dr. Sandy Rikoon
c/o Sharon Naylor
Rural Sociology
Room 204 Gentry Hall, UMC
Columbia, MO 65211

If you have questions or need to make major changes to your budget, please call Judy Grundler at: (573) 526-9548



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