Sustainable Agriculture E-mail Lists

The Community Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture Program offers two great ways to learn more about sustainable agriculture programs in Missouri. We have two e-mail lists that you can subscribe to. Most people will only need to subscribe to one of the lists, but you may subscribe to both if desired.

SARA-L Sustainable Agriculture Restricted Announcement List
SUSTAINAG-L General Sustainable Agriculture Discussion for Missouri

SARA-L is for announcements only, and topics are restricted. No discussion is allowed. This list is for people who do not want lots of e-mail. SUSTAINAG-L is open for announcements and discussion.

All messages posted to SARA-L will automatically be posted to SUSTAINAG-L. Therefore, if you want to receive all e-mail messages, you only need to subscribe to SUSTAINAG-L. If you only want to receive announcements, then SARA-L is the one for you.

So in summary, there are three possible ways to subscribe to these lists:

  1. Subscribe to SUSTAINAG-L only, and you will receive all messages, including messages that have been posted to SARA-L. However, you cannot post to SARA-L.
  2. Subscribe to SARA-L only. You will see messages posted to SARA-L only, and will not receive any of the messages from SUSTAINAG-L.
  3. Subscribe to both lists. This gives you the ability to post messages to SARA-L, as well as SUSTAINAG-L. However if you do not intend to post to SARA-L, you do not need to subscribe to that list, since all messages posted to SARA-L will automatically be posted to SUSTAINAG-L.

To clarify the types of announcements that SARA-L is restricted to, here are the guidelines:

  1. Announcements of events on community food systems and sustainable agriculture that include location and date.
  2. Updates on grant opportunities for producers, consumers, and extension.
  3. Brief, limited updates from Univ. of Missouri, Lincoln Univ. and Missouri Department of Agriculture programs related to community food systems and sustainable agriculture.

SARA-L is not intended for:

  1. Opinions
  2. Advocacy
  3. Petitions
  4. Calls for actions (or action alerts)
  5. Chats
  6. Anything that is not a specific announcement, grant opportunity, or brief update.
These restrictions are not placed on SUSTAINAG-L, which is open for any discussion related to sustainable agriculture in Missouri.

So how do you subscribe to either list? It's easy. Simply address a message to:

In the body of the message, type:

subscribe Listname Firstname Lastname

where Listname is the name of the list you want to subscribe to, and Firstname/Lastname is your name. Thus, if John Doe wanted to subscribe to SARA-L, his message would appear as:

subscribe SARA-L John Doe

Be sure to sign up with the email account that you will be accessing the list from. Do not insert a signature block. If that fails, contact the list owner, Tim Baker, at

It's also easy to leave either list if desired. If you want to unsubscribe, simply address a message to:

In the body of the message, type:

unsubscribe Listname

So if you want to leave SUSTAINAG-L, your message would appear as:

Unsubscribe SUSTAINAG-L

And that is all there is to it. You should get a message stating that you have been unsubscribed.

Please note that your name is required for subscribing, but not for unsubscribing. After subscribing you should get a welcome message. Please note that these messages responding to your subscription and unsubscription commands may take a while. So if you don't see them immediately, give them some time

If you have an interest in sustainable agriculture in Missouri, we hope you will join us. SARA-L and SUSTAINAG-L are a great way to learn about:

SUSTAINAG-L will also provide:

Contact for Mail List Info or Problems:
Tim Baker
Horticulture Specialist and list owner

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