New Grain Storage Listing Instructions

Note: Fields with an "*" asterisk are required fields to "Submit" a Grain Storage listing.

Enter the name of the contact person for this storage listing.

Enter the name of the city of residence of the lister.

Choose from the option box the Missouri county where the storage is located. The option list is in alphabetical order by Missouri counties.

Enter a telephone number that the lister can be contacted. If the lister does not have a telephone number, please enter the telephone number of someone that will serve as a contact for the listing.

If the lister has an e-mail address and would like to use e-mail as a means of communication regarding this Grain Storage listing, enter the e-mail address.

*Listing Type:
Check the appropriate radio button to specify that you have storage available or that you need storage.

*Storage Type:
Choose from the option box the storage type for this listing. If the storage type is not on the list, choose "Other" from the list and use the "Notes" area on the form to define the storage type.

Enter the approximate bushels of storage available or needed.

Enter into the provided text box any additional relevant information such as "easy access" or "truck scales on site".

*Login and *Password:
Enter an up to 10 character name, word, or character string into both the login and password entry boxes. These will become your individual login and password and should be used for all listings you create. If at a later date you need to modify or delete any of your listings, you will need your login and password. Without your login and/or password you will not be allowed access to your listings. Since your login and password are your assurance that your listings will not be modified or deleted by anyone else, you should try to choose your login and password carefully. Your login and password may be up to 10 characters long each and contain any combination of characters (alpha and/or numeric, punctuation). An example of a good login and/or password might be r2!up?. This would be pretty hard to guess and very unlikely to be accidently duplicated by another user. Don't forget to write down your login and password.

If you have any questions/comments or have forgotten your password please call the Agricultural Electronic Bulletin Board at 573-882-4827 and we would be happy to assist you.

If you have already entered data into the New Listing Entry Form use your browsers "Back" feature to return to your listing. If you haven't entered any data you may click on the link below to access a blank New Listing Entry Form

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