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Crop Storage Spreadsheet

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This manual provides documentation for the computer program titled,"Crop Storage". The computer program was designed to aid producers inhelping them evaluate the economics of storage. For instance, in thefall a producer may be interested in storing corn or soybeans;however, the producer may want to understand the costs of storage andbreak-even required to profit from storage. By understanding howdifferences in costs and revenues affect economic returns, producerscan better understand if storing grains will be profitable. Thisprogram is not intended to provide actual profitability scenarios;rather it was developed to provide a means of enabling the producer to"think" through storage decision and project storage costs into thefuture. Storage decisions by an individual producer will depend ontheir personal management strategies and financial situation.

This manual provides definitions and descriptions of specific variables, how to input specific values, sources of specific values ifunknown to the individual, and brief instructions on the operation ofthe "Crop Storage" computer program. Program components as seen onscreen in the software program are referenced in the appendix to thismanual. This computer program was designed in Microsoft Excel(Version Office 97) to run in Windows 95, 98, or NT. BecauseMicrosoft is the standard for University of Missouri Extensionpersonnel, other versions of this software were not developed.

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