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October 6, 2017

Field Crop Scouting Report
Hessian Fly-Free Date is Oct. 10

LAMAR, Mo. - Jill Scheidt, agronomy specialist with University of Missouri Extension, reports for the Sept. 20 crop scouting update.


"I have not seen new or increased sudden death in soybean fields, but have noticed dead or fallen leaves in areas that had sudden death," said Scheidt.

Identify Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) by a yellowing of leaves, but veins remain green; this usually occurs on top leaves first.

"SDS has been common this year due to wet weather during planting and cool temperatures during bloom, which encourages disease development," said Scheidt.


"Corn earworm has been reported in milo fields that have not yet turned color. It is probably getting too late in the season for insects to reach threshold levels," said Scheidt.

However, fields should be monitored until the first frost or until plants reach an undesirable maturity for insect feeding as the weather this year has been unusual.


The Hessian Fly-Free Date is Oct. 10 for Jasper County north to Vernon County, then stretching east across the state. Hessian Fly avoidance is not the only reason to wait to plant wheat.

"Planting too early can cause plants to grow too lush, making them susceptible to freeze damage and a desirable place for aphids to overwinter," said Scheidt.


Printed reports are sent out after the report to allow subscribers to phoned reports the full benefit of their subscriptions. Barton County MU Extension sponsors the field scouting report. For more information on the scouting report, or to learn how to receive the information earlier by telephone, contact the Barton County Extension Center at (417) 682-3579.

Source: Jill Scheidt, (417) 682-3579

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