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September 29, 2017

Taney County Child Day Care Providers
Participating in a Self-Esteem Building Exercise

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Many researchers have been able to identify risk factors that hinder healthy self-esteem development in children. Knowing the risk factors can help parents protect their children according to Renette Wardlow, human development specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

"Risk factors are things within the child, family, or community that put children in danger of experiencing things that hurt them or damage their ability to feel good about themselves and their abilities," said Wardlow.

Competencies that make children less vulnerable to those risk factors are equally important for parents to know. Resilience has enabled children to succeed in school, avoid drug abuse, and develop a healthy self-concept.

Resilient children can adapt more easily to change and have several key characteristics.

A sense of self-worth is critical for developing resiliency, adaptability and an "I can do it" attitude that helps us learn, grow, and cope with life's frustrations and inevitable problems.

Strong parenting provides roots and wings. Children need to feel safe, secure, loved, and part of a family. This foundation provides roots from which the child can develop wings to explore.

The child's first adventures experiencing the world are safe, small steps. As children get older, their attempts become bolder, and they gain a sense of who they are in relationship to their environment.

This program is available for child day care providers in all counties of southwest Missouri.

"Parents or groups that are concerned about building the self-esteem of children can benefit from learning more about what self-esteem is and how to better understand and appreciate what you can do, to help you see yourself in a positive way," said Wardlow.

For more information, contact any of MU Extension's human development specialists in southwest Missouri: Renette Wardlow in Greene County at (417) 881-8909 or Angie Fletcher in Texas County at (417) 967-4545.

Source: Renette Wardlow, (417) 881-8909, (417) 874-2966

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