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February 17, 2017

No FDA Label Requirements for Honey

PORTAGEVILLE, Mo. - Interest in keeping bees and harvesting honey continues to grow in Missouri right along with the University of Missouri's Master Beekeeper program.

"As more people begin beekeeping we get more new producers of honey with questions," said Moneen Jones, a research assistant professor at the University of Missouri's Fisher Delta Research Center and coordinator of the Master Beekeeper program.

Just this past week, one new local honey producer in southwest Missouri contacted their local University of Missouri Extension office after trying to figure out FDA labeling requirements for their honey. They had been researching and had not found much.

"There are no FDA label requirements for honey," said Jones. "However, for Missouri, or your particular state, abide by the rules on weights and measures."

One option is to use pre-printed nutritional labels available for purchase online (such as MannlakeLTD, Dadant). This is what is used on honey bottles at the research center to disclose the number of carbohydrates or sugars in honey.

"Missouri also does not regulate honey or honey product sales," said Jones.

The newest rule reversal, which happened last year in Missouri, can be found online at

More information about the Master Beekeeper program in Missouri and upcoming classes in the certification program can be found online at

Source: Dr. Moneen Jones, (573) 379-5431

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