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February 17, 2017

Signup Underway for MU Extension's Weekly
Crop Scouting Report of SW Missouri Fields

LAMAR, Mo. - This is the sixth year for a field crop scouting program designed to help busy farmers with pest management efforts. The program is planned and conducted by University of Missouri Extension in Barton County.

An agronomy specialist with MU Extension scouts fields weekly then shares the findings through an automated phone service to program subscribers. Fields are scouted in Barton, Jasper, Newton, Dade, Cedar and Greene counties.

The weekly scouting report is delivered to any subscriber telephone number or email address.

"Communicating with producers quickly is a challenge. Farmers today cover so much ground it is hard for them to stay on top of pests as they arrive each season. A simple phone message stating what we are seeing, how to scout for it and control options enables the producer with the skills to identify a pest and make a decision on whether or not to treat," said Scheidt.

Crop scouting is an essential part of integrated pest management (IPM). Scouting programs are designed to protect crop yield and quality while minimizing risk associated with pesticide use.

"Our weekly scouting report will be a reminder for farmers that they may also need to check their fields or it may remind them to contact a private crop scout," said Scheidt.

However, Scheidt is quick to add that this unique weekly service is not designed to replace a farmers own scouting nor should it be used instead of hiring a professional crop scout.

"It's just another set of eyes, that is helping to monitor pests," says Scheidt.

The cost of the program is $35 per year, but sign up before Feb, 28 and save $5 with the early bird special.

For more information about the program, or to sign up for the program, contact Jill Scheidt at the Barton County Extension office, (417) 682-3579.

Source: Jill Scheidt, (417) 682-3579

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