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February 10, 2017

Cyclamens a Nice Alternative for Valentine's Day

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Instead of giving the same old bunch of roses this year for Valentine's Day consider giving a lovely cyclamen plant to impress your sweetheart.

The cyclamen is native to the Mediterranean regions. They are available in colors ranging from shades of pink through deep red in addition to white.

"When choosing a cyclamen, select a plant that has deep colored leaves and only a few open flowers, to prolong the bloom," said Patrick Byers, horticulture specialist, University of Missouri Extension.

Keep a cyclamen in a cool place in the home. A bright window in a cool room is best, and try to keep the temperature below 70 degrees.

"Water this plant carefully," said Byers. "Allow the potting soil to dry out a bit before watering, and don't let the bottom of the pot stand in water or the roots will rot. Don't allow water to settle on the base of the plant."

The plant should be lovely for several weeks. After the bloom is complete, the plants are discarded. However, it is possible to grow the plant and try for rebloom according to Byers.

"When the leaves turn yellow, stop watering. Then keep the plant completely dry over the summer. You can even place it outside in an area that doesn't receive rain," said Byers. "When leaves begin to grow in the fall, start watering again. Keep the plant in a cool spot in the house, and it may rebloom."

For more information call University of Missouri Extension in Springfield at 417-881-8909 or go online to

Source: Patrick Byers, (417) 874-2956

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