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January 20, 2017

Youth Have Aerospace Project Option at
Lucky Clover Valley 4-H Club near West Plains

WEST PLAINS, Mo. - Missouri 4-H has always offered a wide variety of project opportunities for its members. These projects include the traditional livestock, animal, and plant science options which most people associate with 4-H.

"However, in their mission to provide hands-on learning opportunities for members and to offer members the chance to try new interests, lesser-known projects exist as well," said Dr. Krista Tate, 4-H youth development specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

One of these lesser-known projects is aerospace The Lucky Clover Valley 4-H - a West Plains area 4-H club — has offered an aerospace project to members for two years.

"Last year aerospace project leader and Air Evac Lifeteam helicopter pilot Ragan Callahan taught members the concept of 'lift' as well as other elements of aviation science," said Tate.

The group traveled to the EAA hanger in Willow Springs, where Callahan showed members a pre-flight inspection of local aircraft. In this session, Callahan took members on a short flight so they could experience firsthand the physics of flight.

As Callahan took each member up, he demonstrated how the parts of the airplane worked to enforce concepts he had introduced in previous meetings. While members were airborne, he showed them how parts of the airplane worked, allowing them to see the importance of each instrument and why pre-flight inspections are crucial.

These 4-H aerospace project members also toured the Air Evac facility located at the West Plains Regional Airport where they learned how a turbine engine works.

"As a component of the aerospace project, members also explored the science of rocketry where they built rockets that they displayed at the Heart of the Ozarks Fair," said Tate.

During the construction of their rockets, Callahan taught members how the rocket engine propulsion works to lift the rocket and how that differs from various power plant engines that airplanes and helicopters use.

In addition to the basics of aerospace, Callahan instructs his charges to set goals and work to complete them, encouraging them to use decision-making, creative thinking, and problem-solving while teaching responsibility and respect.

Callahan is gearing up for his second year of instructing the aerospace project through the Lucky Clover Valley 4-H Club.

"He is still working out the details of what he plans to do but parents can rest easy knowing several hands-on activities will be planned," said Tate.

Aerospace is one of many opportunities 4-H members have at the Lucky Clover Valley 4-H Club. Other projects include robotics, livestock, sewing, woodworking, cake decorating, first aid, geoscience, welding, and shooting sports opportunities.

"Club leader Jamie Dixon wants her members to explore any interest they have to gain knowledge, confidence, and skills needed in the future," said Tate.

For more information on the aerospace project, or any project in 4-H contact Dr. Krista Tate at the University of Missouri Extension office in West Plains at 417-256-2391.

Residents elsewhere in southwest Missouri can contact any of these 4-H youth development specialists and educators with MU Extension: Jennifer Hancock in Christian County, (417) 581-3558; Bob McNary in Jasper County, (417) 358-2158; Karla Deaver in Lawrence County, (417) 466-3102; Mike Coffey in Newton County, (417) 455-9500; Velynda Cameron in Polk County, (417) 326-4916; Willa Williams in Taney County, (417) 546-4431; or Janice Emery in Texas County, (417) 967-4545.

Source: Krista Tate, (417) 256-2391

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