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January 4, 2019

MU Extension Specialist Suggests
Agronomy Resolutions for 2019

GALENA, Mo. — For farmers still setting goals for 2019, Tim Schnakenberg, a field specialist in agronomy with University of Missouri Extension, says there are several goals that would help with grass production during 2019.

"For starters, one goal is to get more out of grass resources by rationing pasture to cattle in a management-intensive grazing system or by strip grazing," said Schnakenberg.

Schnakenberg suggests this New Year's resolutions too.

  • I will implement more methods for alleviating the negative effect of fescue endophyte such as the use of novel endophyte fescue varieties, legumes, and warm season grasses.

  • I will do a better job of keeping hay storage losses under control by either storing hay in a building or on high ground or material to keep hay elevated out of wet soil.

  • I will use better methods for feeding hay so that losses are minimal when feeding my cows.

  • I will have equipment ready to harvest hay earlier in the season than normal to insure better quality hay, resulting in less feed supplementation expenses in the winter.

  • I will watch pastures more careful in 2019 and stay on top of weed problems so they will not get out of control and result in higher seed drop for the next year.


For more information, contact any of these MU Extension agronomy specialists in southwest Missouri: Tim Schnakenberg in Stone County, (417) 357-6812; Jill Scheidt in Barton County, (417) 682-3579 and Sarah Kenyon in Howell County, (417) 256-2391.

Source: Tim Schnakenberg, (417) 357-6812

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