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November 16, 2018

Got a Complex Challenge? Try Some
"Strategic Doing" Says MU Extension Specialist Dr. Amy Patillo

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - The ten simple rules of "Strategic Doing" makes shared leadership more engaging and innovative which helps teams take on complex challenges.

"Strategic Doing is an open innovation process around a shared leadership strategy that is simple, fast, and adaptive," said Dr. Amy Patillo, a workforce development field specialist with University of Missouri Extension. "Strategic Doing is a strategy that engages people quickly and keeps them on track to solve complex challenges."

Strategic Doing provides a format for innovative collaboration that encourages small teams to self-organize and approach challenges with unique and innovative approaches.

The process is designed around four guiding questions. What could we do? What should we do? What will we do? What will we commit to doing in 30 days?

The question — what could we do — guides teams to link and leverage assets and discover new opportunities together.

What should we do? "That question focuses on one or two of these opportunities that are easy to do with the resources and opportunities we have," said Patillo.

After defining the outcome, the third question asks, what will we do? "The group selects a "pathfinder" project to work on, and individuals commit to what they will do to add value to the project," said Patillo.

The 30/30 is the group's timeline for when they will get back together again to review their progress and revise or further develop their strategy. "To look at what the group has done in the last 30 days and what will they do in the next 30 days," said Patillo.

Any individual, group or business interested in knowing more about "strategic doing" should contact Amy Patillo at the Greene County MU Extension Center inside the Springfield Botanical Center at (417) 881-8909.

Video Explanation:

Amy Patillo can be found online explaining "strategic doing" at

Source: Dr. Amy Patillo, (417) 881-8909

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