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June 26, 2018

Get to Know the Greene County 100 Club

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - The Greene County 100 Club is tax-deductible, charitable organization, that exists to help the surviving families of firefighters and law enforcement officers in Greene County killed in the line of duty.

David Burton, county program director for Greene County MU Extension, serves on the board of directors for the 100 Club.

"Because of the 100 club, surviving spouses are given immediate financial support, within hours of the death of a law enforcement officer or firefighter. The initial goal of the Greene County 100 Club is to provide $5,000 to a family to cover expenses," said Burton.

Those covered are commissioned full-time, part-time or volunteer law enforcement officers or certified firefighters killed in the line of duty while performing official duties for a law enforcement or fire agency of, or within, Greene County.

Greene County includes the departments located in Ash Grove, Battlefield, Fair Grove, Greene County, Republic, Springfield, Strafford, Walnut Grove and Willard.

Historically, 100 clubs have been formed all across the country since the first one was created in Detroit in 1952. After the fatal shooting of a Detroit police officer, 100 community members pooled donations to help support the officer's widow and her unborn child.

In Greene County, we are fortunate that these incidents are relatively rare. Tragically there have been two law enforcement officers killed in Greene County in the last ten years.

On Saturday, Aug. 2, 2008, Monte Ruby, a commissioned law enforcement officer working security at Cox Hospital was brutally attacked as he assisted Springfield Police Officers in the treatment of a criminal at Cox Hospital. Mr. Ruby died Aug. 6 from the injuries sustained in that attack.

On Saturday, Oct. 6, 2007, Deputy Sheriff Gary McCormack was killed in an automobile accident at the intersection of Farm Road 145 and Highway WW, while responding to the scene of another accident.

In both of these tragic cases, the Greene County 100 Club was able to provide financial support to assist these families. The vision of the board is to continue this type of support and to expand to include more resources for supporting our local area fire and law enforcement personnel.

"Although we all hope these funds are not needed, we do have to plan for a time that they are needed. Our goal is to raise $250,000 which will generate the interest needed to make these payments of support when needed," said Burton.

Membership contributions are very important to help meet the organization's financial obligations. It is memberships and other contributions - like the purchasing of a memory brick for the law enforcement memorial at the Greene County Courthouse — that allows the Greene County 100 Club to help the families of officers and firefighters.

Your contribution of $1000, $500, $250, $100, or any other amount that you feel comfortable with will enable us to keep working toward our shared goals.

Contributions can be mailed to Greene County 100 Club, PO Box 7071, Springfield, MO 65801 or made online at

Source: David Burton, (417) 881-8909

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