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David Burton
Civic Communications Specialist
2400 S. Scenic Ave.
Springfield, MO 65807

June 26, 2018

Quality Customer Service Means Business

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — In an increasingly competitive market, small and medium-size firms cannot afford to take customers for granted.

"Good service is a big issue with most customers because they have so many choices," said David Burton, a community development specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

Burton advises businesses to put the customer first, now more than ever before.

To accomplish that it is important to remember that quality customer service begins with employees. Business owners and managers should make certain everyone in the company understands how important it is to be involved in the future of the firm.

"In the smartest companies, asking questions and listening carefully to the answers is an important part of customer service. Many firms train employees to focus on what the customer is saying, and products or services are tailored to meet those needs," said Burton.

It is important to pay attention to "little details," a special touch that makes the business stand out from the crowd.

"Customers want to feel welcome and there is also an expectation of timely service. That means putting paperwork and other duties aside while attending to customers," said Burton. "Customers need to be recognized or remembered, and that calls for undivided attention."

There is also a need for orderly service. Burton says it is important for employees to be nice, no matter how busy they may be at the time.

"Customers want fabulous help or assistance. This includes directions and helpful hints about the area and activities," said Burton. "This is especially true in tourist areas like Branson."

Customers also have a need to feel important and appreciated.

"Of course, customers have a need for respect too. Use common sense to provide superior service. If you own or manage a business, run an office, or operate an agency that serves the public, just remember to treat people the way you would like to be treated," said Burton.


Community development specialists in southwest Missouri offer a customized program called "At Your Service." Participants learn about working with multicultural communities and how to distinguish themselves with great customer service. The program can be offered in a full-day, half day, or lunch-and-learn types of settings. For an estimate on bringing this program to your employees contact one of these specialists: Dr. Amy Patillo, David Burton or Dr. Pam Duitsman in Greene County, (417) 881-8909.

Source: David Burton, (417) 881-8909

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