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June 15, 2018

Steer Feedout Finale Set for June 26 in Mt. Vernon

MT. VERNON, Mo. — Results for the recently completed Missouri Steer Feedout will be reviewed starting at 7 p.m. on June 26 at the University of Missouri Southwest Research Center, Mt. Vernon.

"The finale includes a powerpoint showing many of the 240 head of steers from 23 different owners from across the state," said Eldon Cole, a livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

Not only does presentation show the steers, but it also gives a description of their performance in the Iowa feedlot and reveals their carcass composition at harvest in Dakota City, NE. Additionally, the profitability of the steers and their mates will be compared.

"There is always a vast difference in steer performance in the feedouts. The top gainer made 4.53 lbs. per day while the low daily gain was only 1.99 lbs. The feed to gain ratio varied from 5.41 to 8.72 lbs. Likewise, profits ranged from $408 per head to a low of losing $337 per head," said Cole.

Feedouts provide cow-calf raisers a chance to compare their steers' performance to cattle from other parts of Missouri and other states.

"This information can then be used to make breeding and management changes in their herd," said Cole.

Jodie Pitcock, USDA Livestock Market News Supervisor, St. Joseph, will begin the evening's presentation with a discussion on the value of feeder cattle grading in the marketing sector.

"He served on the evaluation of many of these steers last November when they were evaluated at Joplin Regional Stockyards before heading to the Atlantic, IA feedlot," said Cole.

The public is invited to attend the presentation and learn what kind of cattle receive premiums and what kind are discounted in the marketplace and why.

For more information on the Steer Feedout, contact any of the MU Extension livestock specialists in southwest Missouri: Eldon Cole in Lawrence County, (417) 466-3102; Andy McCorkill in Dallas County at (417) 345-7551; Dr. Randy Wiedmeier, in Ozark County at (417) 679-3525; or Dr. Patrick Davis in Cedar County at (417) 276-3313.

Attend the Feedout Finale on June 26 and find out which of these groups of cattle were the most profitable and why they were profitable.

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Source: Eldon Cole, (417)-466-3102

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