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April 20, 2018

Ozark Empire Fair Hay Show Entry Deadline is July 10;
Contact MU Extension Specialists to Harvest Samples

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Although it seemed like spring and hay-making weather would never arrive, there are some farmers harvesting rye and wheat as haylage. As the weather warms, more forages will be put up as haylage or conventional hay.

Southwest Missouri has several counties ranking in the top ten as volume hay producing counties in the state according to Eldon Cole, livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension.


"Not only does the region produce quantity but it has been recognized for quality, based on hay show results at the Ozark Empire and Missouri State Fair," said Cole.

According to Cole, one reason for producing top quality hay is the dairy background many area farmers have.

"Dairy farmers, traditionally are noted for raising better quality hay than are beef producers Alfalfa has been a staple in dairy rations while fescue shows up on beef farms and alfalfa is known as the Queen of Forages," said Cole.

The hay shows, established in the mid-80's, have helped University of Missouri Extension specialists promote the importance of high quality hay while giving recognition to the growers of quality hay and haylage.


The 2018 Ozark Empire Fair Hay Show will have the same rules as last year.

All sizes of bale packages and types of forage are eligible.

The hay must be harvested in 2018 and be sampled by MU Extension specialists.

Entry deadline is July 10. The cost per entry sample is $23.

Placings for the hay and haylage will be divided into two separate classes.

The types of hay/haylage are: legume; cool season grass; warm season perennial grass; grass/legume mix; summer/winter annual grass.

The placings are based solely on the objective data received from Custom Lab at Golden City. Relative Forage Quality (RFQ) is the basis for the placing. It replaced Relative Feed Value (RFV) in 2017's show.

RFQ is based on estimates of digestible energy (TDN) and dry matter intake (DMI). Nutrition specialists feel RFQ allows an "apples-to-apples" comparison of different forage lots, including lots from different forage species.

The Missouri State Fair's Hay Show will also move away from the subjective evaluation for placings this year. Deadline for entry in the state faur is July 24 with the samples arriving at Custom Lab by Aug. 1.

Ozark Empire Fair entries will be eligible for the state fair for an additional $5 entry fee.

For information visit or contact your nearest University of Missouri Extension specialist. In southwest Missouri the options are Eldon Cole in Lawrence County, (417) 466-3102; Andy McCorkill in Dallas County at (417) 345-7551; Dr. Randy Wiedmeier, in Ozark County at (417) 679-3525; or Dr. Patrick Davis in Cedar County at (417) 276-3313.

Photo available for following caption Photo credit: MU Extension

Baling hay

Photo available for following caption Photo credit: MU Extension

Baling hay 2

Source: Eldon Cole, (417)-466-3102

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