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Linda Geist
Senior Information Specialist
University of Missouri Cooperative Media Group

February 6, 2019

'Sour grapes' and 'the nose knows' among topics
at MU Show Me Grape and Wine event

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Missouri wine and grape industry leaders gather March 6-8 for the annual Show Me Grape and Wine Conference and Symposium at Hampton Inn & Suites in Columbia.

University of Missouri Extension viticulturist Dean Volenberg says the event brings together Missouri's grape growers and viticulturists to learn about new research in the wine industry.

The event opens March 6 with a morning symposium of short "flash talks" about cutting-edge research in identifying, solving and managing problems in Missouri viticulture and enology, says Volenberg, who is director of MU's Grape and Wine Institute.

During the March 6 afternoon session, Jose Ram¢n Urbez-Torres from Agri-Food Canada Summerland Research and Development Centre will speak on grapevine virus research and grapevine trunk.

Philippe Coquard of Wollersheim Winery in Wisconsin will indulge attendees in "Wine, Brandy and Beyond." Rebecca Ritz, founder of Bauerhaus Design, will provide a case study of how to market to different consumers.

Jim Anderson and Annette Alden of the Missouri Wine and Grape Board will give updates. The Missouri Grape Growers Association and Missouri Wine and Grape Board will host a wine tasting to close the first day's events.

On March 7, geologist Bubba Beasley will discuss ground-truthing vineyard maps. MU researcher Megan Hall talks on microbial terroir. Viticulturist, ampelographer and consultant Lucie Morton showcases "the nose knows." Other topics include "sour shrivel-grapes behaving badly," oxygen management and volatile acidity. Missouri State University representatives will present information on the VESTA program and apprenticeships for the Missouri grape and wine industry.

On March 8, Volenberg and Iowa State University Extension field specialist Michael White will conduct a Beginner Grape School. The Missouri Wine Technical Group also meets on March 8.

A block of rooms is reserved for the event at the Hampton Inn & Suites until Feb. 19.

For more information, contact Volenberg at 573-882-0476 or volenbergd@missouri.edu, or go to gwi.missouri.edu/conference.

Source: Dean Volenberg, 573-882-0476

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