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Draper of Maysville FFA Chapter named finalist for State Star in Agriscience

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., April 24, 2020 - The Missouri FFA Association announced Haylee Draper of the Maysville FFA Chapter as one of four finalists for the State Star in Agriscience. The other finalists are Destinie Tunis, Eldon FFA Chapter; Jacob Toombs, Bolivar FFA Chapter; and Ashley Freiburger, Verona FFA Chapter.

Finalists for State Star in Agriscience were selected based upon outstanding achievement in agriscience as part of a student's supervised agricultural experience program and active participation in FFA. The winner of the State Star in Agriscience will be revealed at a summer event.


MFA Inc., Columbia, sponsors the 16 area Star in Agriscience awards as well as the State Star in Agriscience Award.


Haylee Draper - Area 2


Haylee Draper is a member of the Maysville FFA Chapter. Draper’s supervised agricultural experience program includes two poultry experiments. The first experiment, in 2018, involved 33 Golden Comet laying hen chicks, and in 2019, the second experiment involved 20 Cornish Cross hen chicks. In both experiments, Draper fed the chicks for eight weeks on three different protein-level chicken feeds. She found that the higher protein level feed yielded more body mass. In addition, Draper’s SAE involves an agricultural education element. She logged several hours helping her advisor plan FFA activities and other community activities. Draper is the daughter of Lisa Draper of Maysville. Her advisors are Brandi Ellis and Dennis Croy.


Destinie Tunis - Area 8


Destinie Tunis is a member of the Eldon FFA Chapter. Tunis’ supervised agricultural experience program involves the testing of cattle, horses, cats and dogs to determine if nitrates and histatins within the saliva can stop the growth of Escherichia coli k-12 and Staphylococcus epidermidis. This study is titled “The Antimicrobial Effects of Histatins and Nitrates Found in Saliva”. Tunis said she hopes this new treatment can be used to help animals and humans fight off deadly bacterial infections. Her past studies were “The Novel Use of 1550 Borate Glass on Healing Time and Scar Reduction in Thermal Injuries” and “The Effect of Maternal Prenatal Diet on Obesity of Developing Mouse Pups Independent of Post Weaning Diet”. Tunis is the daughter of Theresa Owens Guhr of Versailles. Her advisors are Gary Reichel, Kent Shikles and Jason Twenter.


Jacob Toombs - Area 10


Jacob Toombs is a member of the Bolivar FFA Chapter. Toombs’ supervised agricultural experience program began with a project analyzing the effect of injectable mineral supplements in cows and calves. The idea stemmed from witnessing farmers purchase Multimin 90. For his second experiment, he researched if Banamine Transdermal Pour-on would affect weight gain of bull calves. He partnered with his local veterinarian to help conduct the research. Toombs is the son of Gene and Franka Toombs of Bolivar. His advisors are Jason King and Ashley Brown.


Ashley Freiburger - Area 11


Ashley Freiburger is a member of the Verona FFA Chapter. Freiburger’s supervised agricultural experience program includes research and experimentation on gluten. Her project, Flour Power, studied the amount of gluten in various baking flours. She made dough and rinsed it until only gluten was left. She compared the weight of the doughs and calculated the weight to determine the gluten amount. With her research, she has dived deeper into the food science industry. Freiburger said she hopes the research will impact consumers, especially those with food sensitivities. Freiburger is the daughter of Tim and Sandy Freiburger of Verona. Her advisors are David Parrack and Devin Wilkerson.

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