Information from 1999 Missouri Rice Research Update, February 2000.

Water-Seeded Rice Variety Tests

Alan Sheckell, Gene Stevens, Chris Moylan, Holly Wilson, and Keith Birmingham


Water-seed rice production on zero slope land is becoming an important cropping system in Southeast Missouri. The main advantage to this system is reduced labor costs. In 1999, water-seeded variety tests were conducted on zero grade fields on a Crowley silt loam soil at the Rice Farm and a Sharkey clay soil at the Delta Center.


Most of the rice varieties grown in Missouri were bred for drill seed rice production. A study was needed to determine how these varieties would grow and produce in water-seeding culture.

Materials and Methods

Two variety tests were conducted. Rice seeds were soaked in sacks in the greenhouse at the Delta Center and allowed to drain. The first test was hand seeded into an established flood on April 29, 1999 at the Rice Farm near Glennonville Missouri on a Crowley silt loam soil. The second experiment was seeded at the University of Missouri- Delta Center on Sharkey clay soil on April 30, 1999. There were eight different varieties seeded at both locations. These were replicated four times in the test. Both tests were seeded on a zero grade field. The varieties included in the test were Cypress, LaGrue, Bengal, Priscilla, Cocodrie, Kaybonnet, Jefferson, and Drew.


Results showed that LaGrue had the highest yields at the Rice Farm while Drew was the highest at the Delta Center (Table 1). Drew was the second highest at the Rice Farm. The lowest yielding was Bengal at both test sites. The Cocodrie and Kaybonnet results were deleted from the Delta Center test because of incomplete springletop grass control in some of the plots.

Table 1. Water-seeded rice variety tests.

silt loam
(Rice Farm)
(Delta Center)
Variety ------bu per acre-----
Cypress 127 110
LaGrue 185 106
Bengal 93 76
Priscilla 116 121
Cocodrie 126 -
Kaybonnet 106 -
Jefferson 125 101
Drew 161 144


Results showed that Drew yielded in the top two at both test sites. The lowest yield came from the Bengal. If a producer has different types of soil the best yielding rice would be Drew.

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