Missouri Dairy Business Update  
Volume 8, Number 4
April 2008

Grazing Wedge

High feed and forage prices are motivating more conventional dairymen to inquire about how dairies using intensive rotational grazing actually do it. One of the best ways for a dairyman new to grazing to understand how it works is to follow the grazing management of an experienced grazier.

The grazing wedge is a key tool for managing feed on a pasture based dairy farm. It visually represents the quality and quantity of forage dry matter available both now and during the next round of grazing.

University of Missouri Extension developed an online grazing wedge calculator for producers.

You can follow along during the season to see how actual Missouri grazing dairies are managing their pastures and budgeting feed. Web address: http://plantsci.missouri.edu/grazingwedge/

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