Missouri Dairy Business Update  
Volume 5, Number 3
March 2005

Understanding Key Changes in Milk Marketing & Policy

Presentations at the 31st Annual Southern Dairy Conference included several of interest to Missouri producers. To veiw or download all the presentations, go to http://www.ces.uga.edu/Agriculture/agecon/workshops/dcon2005.htm

Here are a select few of the topics presented:

National Dairy Policy: Where are we headed?
- Dr. Scott Brown, FAPRI, University of Missouri

Where are Federal Orders Headed?
- Ms. Dana Coale, Dairy Division, AMS-USDA

The proposed merger of FO 5&7: Why or Why Not?
- Dr. Bill Herndon, Mississippi State University

Regional Competitiveness: A Southeast Perspective
- Dr. Albert DeVries, University of Florida

Observations on the Dairy Industry - Can the South Rise Again?
- Mr. Jim Dickrell, Dairy Today


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