Missouri Dairy Business Update Commercial Agriculture
Volume 3, Number 6
June 2003

CWT- "Cooperatives Working Together" - Plan Update

If you want to stay up with the latest developments in the CWT program being organized by National Milk Producers Federation, check out their new website at http://www.cwt.coop/

You can also download the whole CWT brochure if you have adobe reader on your computer http://www.cwt.coop/about/CWTBrochure.pdf

For a good practical interpretations, check out DFA's explanations at

The very latest will most likely be on DFA's newsroom at

Caution! I've talked with some dairymen excited about the Buyout Opportunity the CWT program presents. For our region of the U.S. the program will only target a 0.5% reduction in milk production. That's half a percent folks! If all of Missouri's share of milk reduction came in the form of whole herd buyouts, we would only sell 650 head in the buyout. ( 0.5% of 130,000 cows = 650 head)

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