Missouri Dairy Business Update Commercial Agriculture
Volume 3, Number 5
May 2003

Horn Flies "Haematobia irritans"
Barry Steevens
University of Missouri
Dairy Extension

You may wish to see the listed web pages for additional products and their use. These products can be used on lactating dairy cows according to company information. Fly control products available for lactating dairy cattle in 2003, partial list:

Company Products
Y-Tex Python Magnum; ear tag (zetacypemethrin and Piperonyl butoxide)
Python dust Brute; pour on
Web page: http://www.y-tex.com/

Bayer Cylence; ear tag, pour on (pyrethroid and piperonyl butoxide)
CoRal ;dust (coumaphos and diazinon)
Web page: http://www.bayer-ah.com

Merial Eprinex; pour on (eprinomectin)

Fort Dodge Cydectin; (moxidectin)
CoRal ;dust (coumaphos and diazinon)
Web page: http://www.wyeth.com
see products/animal Health

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