Missouri Dairy Business UpdateCommercial Agriculture
Volume 2, Number 7

July 2002

Holstein Field Day Held at Gallivan's Dairy, July 16

The Missouri Holstein Breeders held their Holstein Breeders Field Day at the Gallivan Dairy near Buffalo, Missouri on July 16th.

Dairymen from across Missouri had the opportunity to see the new 460 head freestall barn that Gallivan's completed last December. Now, filled with cows, the barn was cool even on a nice hot day like Tuesday, July 16th. Steve Gallivan reported that they are currently at a 66-pound tank average on 2X milking.

One innovation new to dairy farms in Missouri was the installation of huge, high volume, low speed fans for cooling. The company that manufactures fans has a website where you can learn more: http://bigassfans.com/default.htm

This tour, together with last year's Holstein Breeders tour at Echelmeier's Dairy near Fulton displayed some of the home grown, family dairy farms in Missouri that are expanding into the 500-cow size and beyond. As of 2000, Missouri Agricultural Statistics Service reports that Missouri had 5 dairy farms with over 500 head and 45 dairy farms with 200 to 500 head. As statistics are updated, the number of large farms will rise.

Dairymen considering expansion may want to examine the financial assistance available from the Missouri Department of Agriculture: http://www.mda.mo.gov/a.htm and also examine the guaranteed loan programs available from Farm Service Agency: http://www.fsa.usda.gov/mo/guaranteed_loans.htm

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