Missouri Dairy Business UpdateCommercial Agriculture
Volume 2, Number 7

July 2002

The Lower Midwest Dairy Grazing Conference

Lower Midwest Dairy Grazing Conference

The Lower Midwest Dairy Grazing Conference will be held at the SW Research Station in Mt. Vernon, Missouri August 28 & 29. This will be an excellent opportunity to hear some of the best speakers in the dairy grazing business and to visit some of the early successful dairy grazing pioneers in Missouri.

Tour stops include Fletcher's Dairy near Purdy, with a new double 22 parabone parlor milking 150 cows. Fletcher's Dairy was featured in a recent DFA Leader article. http://www2.dfamilk.com/dfa_leader/leader_05_Grazing.html

Also on the tour agenda will be Bernie Van Dalfsen's Dairy with a new double 24 parabone parlor under construction near Reeds, where he is planning to milk 300 cows.

To learn more about the conference, check this link:


To learn more about the economics of grazing, check this link

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