Missouri Dairy Business UpdateCommercial Agriculture
Volume 2, Number 7

July 2002

Heifer Prices

At the SHOW MO Heifer Growers quarterly meeting in Lebanon on July 17th there was a roundtable discussion on heifer prices in Missouri and in the US. According to Harold Storck, the market has slowed considerably in the last two to three months.

In California this week, top springer heifers were priced at $1750 versus $2300 per head 3 months ago. In Portales, NM this week the top was $1700 versus $2200 just two months ago.

Bigger open heifers are off $200 per head, while smaller open heifers are off at least $350 per head compared to prices earlier this spring. Lower end springers that were brining $1400 three months ago are now $950.

Baby heifers are in the $300 range, versus $500 just two months ago. Good springers are bringing $1500 per head. Lower milk prices are currently bringing the heifer prices back into line.

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