Missouri Dairy Business Update Commercial Agriculture
Volume 2, Number 4

April 2002

Outsourcing Corn Silage Chopping

During the 2002 Dairy Profit Seminars, one of the themes that came up repeatedly at all the locations was the desire for dairymen to learn how to effectively and economically outsource different parts of their operations.

Dairymen confronted with scarcity of labor, management, and capital are looking to become smarter at hiring someone else to do jobs like custom heifer raising, hay making, and chopping the corn silage.

With that in mind, I will pass on the following e-mail I received from a custom corn silage chopper in Kansas.

"My name is Tony Edwards and I'm a custom silage harvester from Westmoreland, Ks. I'm consonantly looking to expand our business and I feel that Missouri will be expanding their dairy industry in the future. I already have some job's in Missouri in the southwest part of the state and one in the northeast which is Heartland Dairies at LaBelle. I would like to know about any new dairies that are coming into the state or a present ones that are looking for someone to do there silage harvesting and I would like to be considered for there harvesting needs. I have two John Deere 6950's with kernel processor's and the supporting trucks, so no job is to small or to big. My e-mail address is imtorched@hotmail.com and my phone number's are: 785-456-7656 home 785-456- 4679 mobile"

If anyone else would like to also publicize their outsourcing solutions for dairymen, please let me know. If there is enough interest, we could possibly add a link on the AgEbb similar to the hay market listing for these services.

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