Missouri Dairy Business Update Commercial Agriculture
Volume 2, Number 4

April 2002

March Milk Production

According to the March USDA Milk Production Report, Total Milk production in the 20 major States during March totaled 12.8 billion pounds, up 3.2 percent from March 2001. In Missouri total milk production totaled 184 million pounds, up 3.4% from March 2001.

Production per cow in the 20 major States averaged 1,650 pounds for March, 51 pounds above March 2001. Production per Cow in Missouri averaged 1,335 pounds, 135 pounds above March 2001.

The number of cows on farms in the 20 major States was 7.75 million head, 2,000 head more than March 2001, and 1,000 head more than February 2002. The number of cows on farms in Missouri was 138,000 head, 10,000 head less than in March of 2001.
  Top 20 StatesMissouri
 March 2002Change from 2001March 2002Change from 2001
Cow Numbers
Milk Per Cow (Pounds)1,650+511,335+135
Total Milk Production
12.8 Billion+3.2%184

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