Missouri Dairy Business UpdateCommercial Agriculture
Volume 2, Number 10

October 2002

Missouri milk production

September milk production in the U.S. continued to surprise everyone on the upside, raising 3.5% over a year ago levels. Milk production was up 3.5% on 67,000 more cows than a year ago and 40 pounds more milk per cow than a year ago.

In Missouri, cow numbers dropped 6,000 from September 2001, to 136,000 cows in September 2002. Milk production per cow in September increased 65 pounds from year ago levels. Total milk production in Missouri increased 2.1% over year ago levels.

September Milk Production

 September 2001 Milk CowsSeptember 2002 Milk Cows% Change from last YearSept 2001 Monthly Lbs. Milk/CowSept 2002 Monthly Lbs. Milk/Cow% Change from Last YearSept. 2001 Total Milk Production (Millions of Pounds)Sept 2002 Total Milk Production (Millions of Pounds)% Change from Last Year
Top 20 States7,730,0007,786,0000.7%1,4721,5102.6%11,37611,7543.3%
New Mexico270,000305,00013.0%1,7001,7000.0%45951913.1%

Source: USDA, NASS, Milk Production:

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