Missouri Dairy Business Update

Volume 13, Number 7
July 2013

MU Southwest Center Grazing Dairy - July Update

SW Center Parlor
By Dr. Stacey Hamilton, University of Missouri Extension

The pregnancy diagnosis for the synchronization trial at the Southwest Center was completed on July 2 by Dr. Scott Poock and University of Missouri veterinary students.  The trial consisted of comparing two different timed AI (TAI) programs with one program taking a total time of 10 days for set-up and breeding (CIDR-COSynch) and the other taking 35 days (ShowMe Synch).  From a visual standpoint there was no difference between the two methodologies with both having around 61% of the cows pregnant to TAI.  The pregnancy check on July 2 allowed us to evaluate the programs for number of cows pregnant in 28 days, again with no noticeable differences. The data must be statistically analyzed to confirm this but we anticipate to see no significant change. We may see some interactions but the overall use of the synchronization programs were very similar.  Dairy heifers were also timed bred two days after the cows using the 35 day program. Seventy-five percent of heifers were confirmed pregnant to the timed insemination and 95% were pregnant within 28 days.   

What we expect to happen will be a very busy first week in February with 83 cows and heifers due to calve in the first 3 days and the remaining 10 animals to freshen roughly 21 days later. These programs have the SW Center geared to potentially calves 103 cows in 28 days however we will keep the number closer to 90 giving the dairy some production culling available.

On a different note the dairy has began the renovation of the entire grazing platform by spraying out all permanent forages (novel-fescue and perennial ryegrasses) and planting Red River crabgrass and millet as summer feed as well as being smother crops.  This fall we will establish two different novel-fescues on the permanent pastures areas to compare yield, milk production and nutritive values of each forage. Assuming we get have good stands established this fall, this fescue trial will begin early next spring.

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