Missouri Dairy Business Update

Volume 13, Number 6
June 2013

MU Foremost Dairy - June Update

Foremost Dairy
By Dr. Scott Poock, Dairy Veterinarian, MU Commercial Ag Program

Several new ventures are occurring at Foremost Dairy.  First, is that the Loose Housing barn is coming down.  It has served its usefulness but needs to be “put out to pasture.”  Because of the loss of this housing and excess numbers of heifers (great reproduction and use of gender selected semen on heifers), Foremost dairy is selling 3 groups of cattle.  The first group will be a set of young cows (2nd lactation), the second is a group of first calf heifers due this fall, and the final group is a set of heifers 6-8 months of age.

There have been several studies being done at the dairy, including nutrition (Dr. Matt Waldron), mastitis (Dr. John Middleton), and reproduction (Dr. Matt Lucy).  Most of these trials have finished and we are awaiting analysis of the data.  Unfortunately, Dr. Matt Waldron has decided to take on a new job.  So, the Animal Science department has lost a researcher and teacher.  The university is going to pursue replacing Dr. Waldron to continue solidifying Foremost Dairy.

Foremost continues to serve as a teaching farm to undergraduate, graduate, and veterinary students.  The theriogenology department (Drs. Dietrich Volkmann or Dawna Voelkl) at the College of Veterinary Medicine examines cows every Tuesday for pregnancy and other reproductive issues.  Once a week, Drs. Dusty Nagy or Brian Vander Ley and the Food Animal Clinic students, visit Foremost to examine lame cows and any sick cows.  Similarly, once every 2 weeks, Dr. Scott Poock tours the dairy with veterinary students giving them a background in the dairy industry and addressing Production Medicine on dairy farms.

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