Missouri Dairy Business Update

Volume 12, Number 7
July 2012

Drought Stressed Corn Silage

Making Silage from Drought-Damaged Corn is an updated publicaton from MU's agronomy department. In last month's newletter a link to the Nebraska guide, "The Use and Pricing of Drought-Stressed Corn," listed several popular rules of thumb for pricing corn silage.

The chart below is a quick pricing guide for standing corn silage, which captures the highly variable grain yields and volatile prices for this year's crop. The chart lists a seller's minimum price and a buyers maximum price creating a range for negotiation. However, producers are encouraged to use a worksheet to estimate the value of silage in their particular situation, such as: MU - Estimating Silage Value to the Crop Producer or Iowa State Extension Corn Silage Pricer



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