Missouri Dairy Business Update  
Volume 11, Number 4
April 2011

Horner Returns from DFA Leave

Joe Horner will be rejoining the MU's Commerical Ag Extension Program as of May 1. He spent the previous year on a leave of absence from the University of Missouri, helping to establish the Dairy Grazing Services unit of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA).

DFA's Dairy Grazing Services (DGS) farm service was started in 2009. The mission of DGS is to help grazing dairy producers improve their profitability through the adoption and refinement of intensive rotational grazing.

DGS is open to both DFA and non-DFA members. The service offers on-farm, fee-based consulting for grazing dairy producers. In addition the unit supports and facilitates grazing conferences, workshops and local grazing events. It strives to spotlight regional grazing innovators who are willing to share the lessons learned in their climate with other dairy producers. DGS also offers products tailored for grazing throught Eagle Dairy Direct.

Dairy Grazing Services Website: http://www.dfainfo.com/dgs

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