Missouri Dairy Business Update  
Volume 10, Number 7
July 2010

DFA Gold Standard Evaluated on MU Dairy Farms

In the month of July, the University of Missouri dairy farms (Foremost Dairy and Southwest Center Dairy) completed audits for the DFA Gold Standard Dairy Program.

The Gold Standard Dairy Program was created to proactively address the concerns of consumers, retailers and processors who are interested in how food is produced. This on-farm audit assesses areas including animal care and wellness, environmental stewardship, employee training, and milk safety and quality. DFA field personnel interviewed each dairy farm and conducted an on-farm audit.

Further information about this program can be found on DFA's Gold Standard Program page.

From left, Stacey Hamilton, MU Extension, talks with Sam Crawford, MU, and Murray Lane, DFA, about the MU Southwest Center Dairy.


From left, Eric Adkins, Herdsman, and John Denbigh, Manager, for the MU Foremost Dairy.

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