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Missouri Timber Price Trends tracks market prices for Stumpage and Delivered Logs. Reports on the Stumpage Market are received from Missouri Department of Conservation Resource Foresters and private consulting foresters. Stumpage refers to timber sold on the stump and does not reflect delivered mill prices. Reports on the Log Market give delivered log prices and are compiled from reports submitted by sawmills and other wood processing plants. These reports should serve as a general guide to track stumpage and delivered log prices. Landowners should not use this report to replace a timber inventory and marketing assistance as methods of conducting a sale. Missouri Department of Conservation Resource Foresters will be able to provide information on current, local market conditions. Details of all private sales and delivered prices are kept confidential.

Averages are based on received reports. Refer to the column headed "# of Rpts." to get a gauge of how accurate the average prices may be. ("# of Rpts." refers to the number of sales including a particular species and may sum to more than the number of sales.) Changes since last quarter and last year should be read with caution as the number of reports varies each year and quarter. This report can only be used as a general guide for determining market value of timber. General market and economic conditions, as well as local considerations such as accessibility, terrain, sale size, and tree size and quality also affect the price paid.

Note: A "sale" often includes several different species so the number of sales may be less than the "# of Rpts." (number of reports) listed in the tables.

Tree Scale Conversion Factors

Tree Scale Conversion Factors
Sawlogs - Veneer LogsInt'l = Doyle x 1.2
Pulpwood Pine5,200 lbs/cord
Hardwood (hard)5,600 lbs/cord
Hardwood (soft)4,200 lbs/cord

Note: All prices and volumes are reported in International " MBF Scale. To convert to Int.-BF prices or volume, divide by 1,000. To convert volume from Int.-MBF to Doyle MBF, divide by 1.2. To convert prices from Int.-MBF to Doyle MBF, multiply by 1.2.

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