Missouri Weekly Direct Slaughter Cattle

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Jefferson City, MO    Fri Jan 18, 2019  MO Dept of Ag-USDA Market News

Missouri Weekly Direct Slaughter Cattle (week end 01-18-2019)

Confirmed Sales:

  Week to date: 120      Last week: 200        Last Year: 120
( These prices acquired from Missouri producers )

     Trading from late last Friday through Friday morning remains light 
to inactive as most producers are waiting for bids at this time.  Fed 
cattle trade remains quiet as we approach the end of the week.  Weather 
is a major factor in the fed cattle market especially with cold, snow and 
muddy conditions.  Feedlots are in very poor conditions with more rain 
and snow in the forecast for the weekend.  Behind this storm weather 
forecast are calling for extremely cold temperatures for a couple days.  
Carcass weights and cattle performances will continue to deteriorate.  
Weight and carcass yield loss along with delayed marketing’s are having 
an effect on the futures as cash markets will respond to the impact of 
the weather.  Cut-out values are holding steady as packers will do all 
they can to hold the market steady.  Boxed-beef values will be affected 
by declining carcass weights and the probability of packers cutting kills 
and holding on to their margins along with weather conditions and demand.    
Choice cut-out on Thursday closed .57 cents higher at 212.50 with Select 
.70 cents higher at 207.64 compared to last Friday’s close with Choice at 
212.46 and Select at 206.27.  The hide and offal value from a typical 
slaughter steer on Thursday was estimated at 8.93 per cwt live, down .08 
cents when compared to Wednesday’s value.    

Live Sales: 
Slaughter steers and heifers: (over 90 percent Choice) No sales .      

(Note: Weighing conditions some plant delivered weights and some net
 weights FOB feedlot after a 4 percent shrink.

Dressed Carcass Sales: (Paid on Hot Carcass Weights) Delivered or
 Picked up (Weight only)      
   Steers and Heifers: (80 percent Choice) No Sales 

(Grid) Grade and Weight Carcass: (over 80 percent Choice)  1 load late 
last Friday 198.00, 2 loads late last Friday 200.00.  
Source:  MO Dept of Ag-USDA Market News Service, Mexico, MO
         Greg Harrison, Market Reporter 573-751-5618
         24 hour recorded report 573-522-9244

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