Missouri Weekly Direct Slaughter Cattle

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Jefferson City, MO    Fri Feb 12, 2016     Mo Dept of Ag-USDA Market News

Missouri Weekly Direct Slaughter Cattle (week end 02-12-2016

Confirmed Sales:
  Week to date:  none   Last week:  80     Last Year:  500 

( These prices acquired from Missouri producers )

  Trading inactive as of 8:00am Friday.  No confirmed live sales or
dressed sales yet this week as producers passing lower bids.      

Live Sales:
Slaughter steers and heifers: few over 80% Choice 132.00 fob late last Friday  

(Note: Weighing conditions some plant delivered weights and some net
 weights FOB feedlot after a 4 percent shrink.

Dressed Carcass Sales: (Paid on Hot Carcass Weights) Delivered or
 Picked up (Weight only)      
   Steers and Heifers: no sales

(Grid) Grade and Weight Carcass: no sales
Source:  MO Dept of Ag-USDA Market News Service, Mexico, MO
         Roger Parker, Market Reporter 573-751-5618
         24 hour recorded report 573-522-9244

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