Missouri Weekly Direct Slaughter Cattle

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Jefferson City, MO    Fri June 23 2017     Mo Dept of Ag-USDA Market News

Missouri Weekly Direct Slaughter Cattle (week end 06-23-2017)

Confirmed Sales:

  Week to date:  120    Last Week:  400    Last Year:  160

( These prices acquired from Missouri producers )

   Trading from last Friday through Friday morning of this week remains light  
at this time as bids and asking prices are sharply lower this week, flat dressed 
sales are 10.00-14.00 lower at 196.00-200.00 this week.  CME cattle futures and 
fed cattle prices continue to unraveled and turn very bearish and hit the skids 
this week.  It’s pretty obvious now that packers are getting cattle to meet 
their needs from contracts and formula cattle and not having to chase the cattle 
market.  This week’s kill is expected to be near 630K with another large kill 
next week before July 4th holiday.  The cattle feeder is at a point where the 
need to sell fat cattle is greater than the need to buy fat cattle.  Boxed-beef 
prices are beginning their seasonal decline with several weeks of lower prices 
anticipated as we go into the “dog days” of summer.  We have also gone from 
sending cattle to slaughter earlier than scheduled to sending cattle as 
scheduled and in some cases a week later than planned.  This will also lead to 
heavier carcass weights as they have started to move up in weight.  Choice 
boxed-beef closed Thursday at 242.88 down 2.54 with Select 1.98 lower at 216.92 
compared to last Friday’s close of Choice at 249.84 and select at 219.80.  The 
hide and offal value from a typical slaughter steer on Thursday was estimated at 
11.89 per cwt live up .03 cents from Wednesday’s value.  

Live Sales: 
Slaughter steers and heifers: (60-80 percent Choice)  No Sales 

(Note: Weighing conditions some plant delivered weights and some net
 weights FOB feedlot after a 4 percent shrink.

Dressed Carcass Sales: (Paid on Hot Carcass Weights) Delivered or
 Picked up (Weight only)      
   Steers and Heifers: (80 percent Choice) 2 loads Flat 196.00-200.00  

(Grid) Grade and Weight Carcass: (over 80 percent Choice) 1 Load 204.00    

Source:  MO Dept of Ag-USDA Market News Service, Mexico, MO
         Greg Harrison, Market Reporter 573-751-5618
         24 hour recorded report 573-522-9244

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