Missouri Farm Accounting Resources

Missouri Farm Tax Record Book
This popular record book is simple and inexpensive. It is available at your local extension office or from the following links:

Missouri Farm Business Record Book
This record book for adult farmers was developed cooperatively by University Extension and Ag Education. It contains receipts, expenditures, summary, and enterprise forms needed for one year of records. Refills can be purchased from your local extension office or the order form may be download at: http://www.missouricareereducation.org/doc/order/OrderForm.pdf
Free pdf version of refill sections for printing may be downloaded at: http://www.missouricareereducation.org/project/farmrecordbk

Farm Record Book in Excel
Download a free Farm Record Book in Excel. For producers comfortable with basic Excel, this spreadsheet farm record book offers the ability to: track income and expenses, cash flow summary, expenses by vendor, receipts by buyer, enterprise receipt & expenses, and checking account balances.

PcMars Farm Accounting Software
PcMars software is considered farm friendly and can be installed as a cash basis single entry system or fully accrual double entry system. Other features can be added such as inventory tracking, livestock and crop production data, enterprise allocations, other reports and accounts receivable. It can be ordered from the Iowa Farm Business Association.

Quicken Farm Accounting Software
Quicken is a very popular finance software program and is available through many retailers and office supply stores. Many farmers use this software as their farm record keeping program. The university extension services in several states maintain detailed web sites to help farmers and ranchers adapt Quicken to their needs.
Quicken for Farm/Ranch Financial Records (Oklahoma State University)
Using Quicken (Flagship Technologies)

QuickBooks Farm Accounting Software
QuickBooks is also a very popular finance software program and is available through many retailers and office supply stores. The following links have discussion and guides related to using QuickBooks for farms.
Quicken vs. QuickBooks Discussion (Flagship Technologies)

Other Tools
Resources listed below can help you to understand your farmís finances.
Measuring and Analyzing Farm Financial Performance (Purdue University)
Establishing and Using a Farm Financial Record-Keeping System (eXtension)
Strategic Business Planning for Producers (Purdue University)
Interpreting Financial Statements and Measures (University of Minnesota)
Farm.Analysis.Solutions.Tools (FAST) (University of Illinois)

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