Missouri Beef Cattle Improvement Association

Roger Eakins,
Regional Extension Livestock Specialist
and Treasurer, MBCIA

In 1962 Dr. Homer Sewell, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, initiated a production testing program with beef cattle producers in the state of Missouri. Dr. John Massey then assumed the leadership role and in November 1963 the first Missouri Performance Tested Bull sale was held. The 1997 Spring Bull Sale is the sixty-third Missouri Performance Tested Bull Sale. County agents worked directly with the producers to gather records and relay educational information on management and genetics. In 1962 the Missouri Performance Tested Bull Sale Advisory Committee was formed with the purpose of the education of Missouri cattlemen to the merits of production testing and beef cattle improvement.

The Missouri Beef Cattle Improvement Association (MBCIA) was then organized with by laws in November 1967 at the Performance Tested Bull Sale with the first meeting held in December 1967. The main objective was to cooperate with other beef producers and or sponsor activities pertaining to performance testing and the improvement of all beef cattle.

The National Beef Improvement Federation was formed on February 1, 1968 with state organizations like MBCIA becoming the nucleus to provide beef cattle improvement programs for seedstock and commercial producers.

The involvement of State and Area Extension Staff was the driving force at the start and they are still closely involved today. The value to the beef cattle producers of this involvement has been to provide:
  1. Animal Evaluation and Educational Information

  2. Implement subjective, measurable data for use on selection programs

  3. Use for input into management decisions

  4. Provide one on one contact with the Extension Specialist

  5. Provide un-biased data for credibility

  6. Tested Bull Sales

  7. Provided data for use in developing accurate EPD's

  8. Increase profitability of both Purebred and Commercial Producers

  9. Interaction of producers

The benefits to the University of Missouri Extension have been:

  1. Improvement of the Area Livestock Specialist as a professional

  2. Guidance on Educational Program needs.

  3. One on one interaction

  4. Volunteers and support

  5. Data and research direction

  6. Sponsorship of Programs

Research data developed from 35 years of testing has provided the University with Growth Data on all phases of production, testicle development, Pelvic measurement, Carcass measurements and performance and price relationships.

The MBCIA has sponsored many programs and University functions. Thousands of dollars have been donated to 4-H Beef Awards, Expenses for MBCIA leadership to attend National BIFmeetings, equipment purchases to the University like the pinpointer upkeep, chute and scales for research, sponsorship of speakers to Cow Calf Clinics and other education programs, computer software, MU judging team and many more.

The MBCIA is dedicated in working:
  1. To increase the uniformity of records.

  2. Develop more cooperation among all segments of the beef industry

  3. Encourage educational programs emphasizing the use and interpretation of performance data and quality management programs to improve the efficiency, profitability and sustainablity of beef programs.

  4. To develop increased confidence of the beef industry in the economic potential of performance measurement and assessment.